Monthly Workout Playlist August 2013

It’s summer time in the Ozarks. It’s hot and humid. Workouts outside are sweat-drenching affairs, best done early in the morning if you can. The humidity can seep indoors as well. Despite cranking up the AC, the windows were “crying” with condensation at the studio on a recent morning.

These conditions don’t stop the committed athlete. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need a little push to keep us going. That’s when we need a power song.

You have a power song, right? The one that makes you dig deep. The one that makes you feel like you can do anything. The one that makes you feel a little bit like a badass.

I’ve got a playlist of power songs for you. Crank it up on the last miles of your long run or that finisher of jumps squats and burpees.

What’s your power song?

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  • Coco

    Always looking for new songs. I like Stronger my Kelly Clarkson when I’m toughing it out!

  • Pamela Hernandez

    She has a lot of inspiring songs. Maybe it’s her own story that keeps her putting out such powerful music?

  • Tenecia

    Love! I have a lot of these songs on my workout playlist!


  • Pamela Hernandez


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