Ideal Body Weight Calculator

Ideal Body Weight Calculator
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Current Bodyfat%:
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Lean Body Mass: lbs.
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Fat lbs to Lose: lbs.
Ideal Weight: lbs.

Determining your goal weight can often be a challenge. One method is using a body fat percentage goal to determine your goal body weight.

For women a healthy and acceptable body fat range is 20% – 24%. For men, the range is 13% – 17%. Women are generally advised not to drop below the 10% – 13% range while men are generally advised not to drop below 3%.

By choosing a percentage in the healthy range, you can set a goal that is reasonable and desirable for good health. Keep in mind this is just a guide and when losing weight, you may experience fat loss and muscle mass loss at the same tim. It is very difficult, in practice, to lose only body fat.


  • Lean Body Mass is the sum of everything in your body minus the fat.
  • Current lbs of Fat is the weight (in lbs) of your current body fat.
  • Fat lbs to Lose is the number of lbs of fat you would need to lose to achieve your body fat goal.
  • Ideal Weight is your total weight after achieving your body fat goal.

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