For as long as I can remember I have wanted to do two things:

  1. Change the World
  2. Help Women

I never imagined that I would accomplish my mission with fitness. Fitness, however, is what gives us the ability to accomplish our dreams. Without health, we have nothing. When we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, we can’t put our best self forward. Once a woman has control of her health and fitness she has regained control of her life. With renewed energy, strength and self-confidence she is capable of anything. This is my mission: to make women feel capable and give them their power back. I want to give them control of their health and therefore their lives.

My own journey and the journeys of my clients have taught me a lot since we launched Thrive Personal Fitness on September 26, 2009. I’ve taken those lessons and refined them into four essential elements for fitness success. These elements aren’t groundbreaking, but when they are applied with the right mindset they work every time. It doesn’t matter your age, fitness level or experience, the 4 Keys to Real Fitness provide a strong foundation for beginners and a compass for those who may have lost their way.

The 4 Keys to Real Fitness are:

  1. Strength Training
  2. Interval Cardio
  3. Food Accountability
  4. Food Quality

These 4 Keys, a little patience and a desire to live a better life lead to the success stories I get to witness everyday.

The 4 Keys to Real Fitness are about a new way of living. This is not a diet. Women come to me because they are ready to get off the diet roller coaster. They want to create a foundation for living a fit life where they are capable of being their best. They want to feel confident and strong everyday, in everything they do. They may not choose to run a marathon or hike to Machu Picchu, but if they wanted to their bodies would be up to the task. This is about a real, full and fit life for years to come, not just for a beach vacation or class reunion. This is about being the woman you always wanted to be.

The 4 Keys, these Fit Truths, are meant to be a foundation for starting your fitness journey. Just like building a house, you must have a solid foundation from which to start. These Fit Truths are the foundation for the fitness programs I create. I teach the skills for each key so you can learn how to apply them to your life and your journey, no matter where you are starting. I believe if you can master these four concepts you will be successful.

Are you ready to get off the diet roller coaster and take control of your fitness? Are you done with quick fixes and fads and ready to learn about healthy living? Then join me on this journey.

Pamela Hernandez

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