Workplace Wellness

Fitness doesn’t stop at the office. But can it start there?

Your work environment has a huge impact on your fitness journey. We spend 8-10 hours a day at work. We often spend more time with our co-workers than we do our friends and family. Our meals are at the mercy of client luncheons or networking events. Sometimes lunch is what can be foraged for out of vending machines or the break room. To be healthy and fit, your work place needs to support your goals.

Thrive Personal Fitness can help make your workplace a healthier place to be. We provide a variety of services for offices and groups:

  • Is your Wellness Committee stuck for ideas? Not sure what to do besides a Biggest Loser competition? Let Thrive Personal Fitness consult with your team to generate new ideas and breath new life into your workplace wellness program.
  • Is your team not sure where to turn for quality food and fitness education? Thrive Personal Fitness can provide seminars on nutrition and exercise for your next team meeting or brown bag lunch seminar. Topics include:
    • The 4 Keys to Real Fitness
    • Label Reading 101
    • Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget
    • Starting a Fitness Journey – Simple Steps You Can Take Today
    • Building Your Home Gym for Under $100
    • Exercise at the Office – What Can You Do at Your Desk

Workshops can also be developed specifically for your office!

Does your office need some one on one attention? Thrive Personal Fitness can provide on site fitness coaching services for your office. Participants perform the Functional Movement Screen and receive a personalized exercise plan with nutrition information to support their goals.

Contact us at (417)766-6612 for more information.

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