What’s Beautiful – Being Capable

(Re)Defining Beauty with The Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenge

The What’s Beautiful campaign is sponsored by Under Armour. The thoughts on this program and my spirit are completely my own.

I hit my summer running goal before summer had even really begun. After a morning of alternating tears and goofy grins from pride, the inevitable question emerged:

Now What?

I could have set another goal for myself,  like running a 10K. However, a client inspired me to look at things a little differently.

The day after my triumph, she came in for her session anxious to tell me about her weekend. For the first time in decades she had water skied. She used to do it all the time, she said, in her teens and 20s but not since she had kids. Needless to say her daughters were surprised at her request for the skis and more surprised with her skills. My client was surprised that her body could once again do something she had thought was long behind her. She was equally surprised the next day when she awoke with only minimal soreness. She had been worried that she would be so sore the day after that she wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.

She was so proud of her improved strength, as was I. But it was her response; her nonchalance at the prospect of doing it again that impressed me. It was great to do, she shared, but it wasn’t necessarily going to be something she did all the time. She had proven to herself, however, that she was capable of doing it. Because of her consistent work on her fitness for the last four months her limitations were being removed. Instead of worrying about what she couldn’t do, the world was now full of possibility.

That is What’s Beautiful. Being Capable.

Instead of setting a new goal for myself, I am instead going to spend the summer being capable and trying new things. Perhaps I’ll spend more time on my bike. Perhaps I’ll take a TRX class. Perhaps I’ll decide to water ski or hike a new trail. I’ve already started experimenting with new exercises in the gym. I love having the time to play with new techniques and activities when not tied to a specific training plan. I want to enjoy my favorite time of year by celebrating all my body can do.

Setting goals are an important part of change. But for this summer I want to simply BE. Be capable. Be strong. Be me.

What will you be this summer?

  • Shira Miller

    After reading this post, I look forward to being more capable myself! Had a conversation with my trainer at the gym yesterday about this topic. for the past few months we’ve been working on strengthening my body after several injuries. But after my wedding in three weeks, we are going to turn it up a notch and start pushing for the kind of muscle mass I’ve always wanted but didn’t think I was capable of. Thanks for sharing your own experiences and those of your client in being capable. :)

  • http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com/ Pamela Hernandez

    Wedding? Congratulations!!!!

  • Jody R. Goldenfield

    I think it is also important to just be too – sometimes when we constantly push – not that it is not good to do that – but we may lose part of just life & us – we don’t think enough about the now vs. the what can I do better… ENJOY!

  • Sarah Kerner

    I think that’s a great goal… but me being me, and loving SMART goals (hmm… wonder where I learned that?), I’d make a list of things you might like to try (you’ve already got a great start!) so you don’t get halfway through the summer or more and realize you haven’t made any progress towards your goal. Of course, your list is can always change if you stumble upon something new you want to try!

  • http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com/ Pamela Hernandez

    Thank you!

  • http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com/ Pamela Hernandez

    You know me, I am a natural list maker. :)

  • http://www.workoutnirvana.com/ Suzanne Digre

    Nice! My summers are low key in terms of “conquering” the weights. It’s a time to recover and reflect for me. I like what you say about just “being.” That’s the perfect place for me right now.

  • http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com/ Pamela Hernandez

    Just being is pretty hard in itself. Here’s to an active but low key summer!

  • http://primefitnessforwomen.com/ Mary C. Weaver, CSCS

    So motivating to hear about people discovering—and rediscovering—their potential!

  • http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com/ Pamela Hernandez

    It certainly made my day. :)

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