Why do I do it?

Why do I jump, lift and sweat when others are still asleep or sitting on their couches?

Long before it was my job, I committed to a life of fitness because I knew it was the key to good health and an enjoyable life.  My trip to Paris solidified this fact.  I can’t imagine someone who isn’t fit and is carrying too much weight would be able to do and see what I did. Here are the fit lessons I was reminded of.

Fit for Travel Fit for Life
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Top of Notre Dame by W Brian Duncan

Lesson 1: Lack of endurance limits what you can do.

I mentioned before that we explore new cities via public transit and on foot when we can. It’s inexpensive and the best way to truly get to know your surroundings.  We rarely spend time at our hotel or apartment because we keep going going and going.  We walk for miles every day. Not to mention many sites, for example the Tower at Notre Dame, do not elevators. Its 400 steps to the top. Legs that do nothing but sit all day won’t survive.

Lesson 2: Your body needs to be able to move in multiple planes-pushing, pulling, squatting and bending.

It starts when you get on the plane. Lifting and pushing bags into overhead compartments, without hurting yourself or others takes skill. Then when you arrive and you must tote those bags on trains and subways, up stairs (no elevators in the Metro or our apartment) and down curbs. It takes strength you can’t get doing just leg extensions and tricep kickbacks.

Lesson 3: Being a proper weight means more than fitting into a bikini.

Back to my example, the Tower at Notre Dame. Some of the openings were very narrow as you toured the top, maybe a foot wide in spots.  If you’re morbidly obese, you simple won’t fit even if you could make the stairs. You would be missing, in my opinion, the best view of Paris there is.

Fitness isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am. I believe in being  in the best shape I can so that I can enjoy all the world and life has to offer. Don’t miss out on the beauty of the world and the adventures of living by not being fit and healthy.

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