Home Gym for Under $100

One of the excuses people often give as to why they can’t start exercising is that they can’t afford it. They can’t afford a gym membership or a big piece of cardio equipment so they settle for doing nothing.

Today I am going to help you eliminate this excuse by sharing with you how to build an effective home gym for under $100. That’s right, all you need to get started for under $100. I want to show you that you can start on this journey and get a complete workout with a minimal upfront investment.

Keep in mind, you have a very effective piece of equipment already – your own body. It doesn’t cost anything to start walking or jogging. You can do pushup, dips, squats, lunges, pull-ups, burpees, planks, crunches or cobras with just your own body weight. These exercises are a great foundation to any program with no cash required.

Here is the list of basic equipment I would recommend that won’t bust your budget but start you on the journey to health and fitness.

  • Jump Rope: When walking or sprints won’t work, you can use the jump rope for an excellent session of High Intensity Interval Training Cardio. You can also take it anywhere.
  • Stability Ball: This is one of the most important and versatile pieces of equipment you can own. You can do any number of great exercises just using our body weight.  It also makes a great substitute for a bench for exercises like  chest presses or rows.
  • Medicine Ball/Kettle Bell Combo: Great for power moves or core exercise.
  • Dumbbells: This one can be tricky, because it depends on where you are in your fitness level. For most people just beginning, particularly ladies, a pair of 5 and 10 lb dumbbells will start you off. The beauty of it is you can save and add a new set as you get stronger.

With these 4 things, and your own body, you can start a highly effective fitness program.  As you progress on your journey, you can add pieces based on your individual goals and progress.

So no more excuses. Set up your home gym and get moving!

  • http://katdoesdiets.blogspot.com Katdoesdiets

    Great picks! There are no gyms within 30 miles of me so I do all my working out at home, or running outside…completely not an excuse to not workout! I don’t have a stability ball or a medicine ball yet, hrmm.

  • http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com/about-pamela/ Pamela

    Love my stability ball. I can do so many things will it. Medicine balls can actually be great all over workout tool too.

  • berlinoise

    I’ve ordered my kettlebells! I’m so excited – can’t wait to try them out :-)

  • http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com/about-pamela/ Pamela

    Cool! Let me know how it goes.

  • http://mstublefield.com/ Matthew Stublefield

    I’m working from home now, and it has become apparent that I have no interest in making the 3 mile drive to the university gym, plus dealing with parking. This was the first place I looked to figure out what to order, and I now have a stability ball and some kettlebells on the way :-)

    After we move in a couple of years, I want to put together a squat rack, but since I don’t want to move all that I’ll wait until we’re settled 😛