You have a gym membership and a workout plan from the personal trainer you worked with last summer. You have a cabinet of workout DVDs and a basement with a treadmill, a stability ball, dumbbells and resistance bands. What you don’t have is someone to check if you actually did your strength training or anything for cardio other than walking the dog.

You need a partner not a plan.

You have a bookshelf full of the sensible nutrition advice, clean eating cookbooks and experts telling you why you need to stop dieting. What you don’t have is someone holding you accountable to giving up your afternoon Kit Kat or eating more than a banana for breakfast.

You need a coach not another diet.

You don’t lack for tools or desire. Your struggle is holding YOURSELF accountable and staying focused until the new habits stick. You feel like you can’t succeed because you’ve never really felt what success feels like. Words like hopeless and impossible float in your brain each time you grab a Dr. Pepper or decide to skip spin class.

You need an encouraging outer voice to silence your own inner critic.

My job as personal trainer is not just about putting together the right mix of exercise and nutrition to meet your goals. It’s about being the coach who makes sure you are doing the work.

It’s about pushing you past what I call the FailPoint – that day or week in the plan you can never seem to make it past.

That’s why I decided to start a fitness accountability group. I want to offer you the chance to have an accountability partner dedicated to your success and helping you conquer your Fitness FailPoint.

The Small Victories Accountability Group is not about selling you a workout plan or a weight loss challenge. Instead it’s about helping you stick to the habits that you have selected as the keys to your own personal fitness journey. I want to help you taste success and grow your belief in your ability to change.

You’ll have me as a coach AND a group of like minded women to provide external accountability and cheering you on. As a member of the Small Victories Accountability Group you’ll get:

  • Weekly check-ins with the group (via Facebook) and me (vie email).
  • Worksheets to help you bring your goals into focus and plan for the obstacles that have stopped you in the past.
  • Special members only videos and email content with change strategies, nutrition education and exercise tips.
  • A copy of my book, The 4 Keys To Real Fitness.
  • A chance to win a 1-on-1 coaching session!

This 12-week program officially kicks off June 1 but registration STARTS today!

Well….that’s not entirely true. My email list did get a chance at early registration. That means out of the 20 spots I started with only 9 are remaining at the time this post goes live. Registration will remain open until 12 pm CT May 30, 2016 or until the last spot is filled – whichever comes first.

For about the cost of one personal training session you’ll have 12 weeks of accountability and encouragement to help you realize the power of consistency and taste the success of small victories.

Why 12 weeks? Because despite what online challenges and popular diet plans lead us to believe it takes longer than 30 days for most of us to form a new (good) habit. Studies say the average is about 66 days. 12 weeks gives you a little cushion and perhaps time to start working on another new habit or two!

Ready to conquer your Fitness FailPoint? Click here to take that important first step!

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