You didn’t even wait till New Year’s Day to start working out. You were in the gym, with the place pretty much to yourself, on December 26. You were ready to atone for the holiday “sins” of cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. You vowed to drink more water and bought plenty of greens. You didn’t even have popcorn at the movies on New Year’s Eve.

You resolved to make this year THE YEAR you finally got back to your pre-baby weight. Never mind the fact that your “baby” is now 17.

Today you woke up before the alarm, feeling a little less stiff and a lot more energetic. You feel a little lighter, a little tighter, so you do decide to step on the scale. You look down eager with anticipation and …NOTHING.

3 weeks and nothing has changed on the scale. You’re doing it all and now the scale is telling you it means nothing.


Your plan is solid and you ARE seeing results; it’s your goal that’s the problem. You need to stop thinking about weight loss. It’s time to ditch the scale and redefine your fitness resolution.

Love your body. Enjoy the journey. Find your new path with the help of my book The 4 Keys to Real Fitness.

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