I need to ask you a question. It’s a question so critical to your fitness journey that I’m ashamed I’ve never asked you before. It may be the one question that explains why you can’t keep your fitness resolutions. It may be the reason why you are fighting the same fat loss fight each January 1. It could be the root cause of each new attempt to not eat all the cookies while watching Netflix on Sunday night, to bring your lunch instead of hitting the drive up and to say no to the pizza your son left in the refrigerator.

This question came to me from a friend of mine, Michelle, during a Skype chat a few weeks back. Michelle shared with me her own search for a coach. She knew she had found the right one when she was asked by this coach one simple question. While it only requires a yes or no answer it’s too complex for me to adequately express with words on paper.

Before you sign up for the Biggest Loser Challenge at the office or download that new diet book or make ANY fitness resolutions, you must let me ask you this one very important question.

This is where I need you to start. Only after an honest answer can we move forward. After starting to make peace with your body, then we can address all the other questions about exercise and nutrition. You have to start out knowing you are enough as you are to make real change and for real fitness to happen.

Now take a deep breath and let go of those old New Year’s fitness resolutions.

It is going to take some time and some work to find that place of self-acceptance. That doesn’t mean you can’t work on your health and fitness goals at the same time. It’s just this year things are going to be different. Your goals will come from a place of self care and respect – not exercise as punishment or food as the enemy.

If you need a new place to start for your fitness resolutions, start simple with one habit at a time. I have a plan to help you learn to start listening to your body and reaching your goals by focusing on 1% better. 

By the way, I would love to hear your answers to my question. Tell me YES or NO and how this year will be different.

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