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Last year I did not succeed in my quest to go 2 for 2 in the Best of 417 awards, coming in as a Runner Up in the Best Personal Trainer category. As I said at the time, I was extremely proud of my runner up status because the competition was fierce.  The men who also placed in my category have been in business a lot longer than I have and are, perhaps, better known than I.

However, anything but first place is still losing. And I hate to lose.

When I didn’t take the top prize last year, I vowed to step up my game. I knew that to be the best I had to show my best to more people and giving more to my clients and community. Like a prize fighter training for the championship fight, I started getting up earlier, challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and figuring out new ways to bring my best every day. I knew I had to prove to you that I deserved to reclaim the title of Best Personal Trainer in 417-land.

I now want to present to you my case, my plea, for your vote in this year’s Best of 417 voting. Here is what I have been up to in 2012 (thus far) to prove to you that I am in the best at what I do:

  1. I added small group personal training. Otherwise known as team training, this gives me more available training slots and allows you to get a personalized workout at a more affordable cost than private training. Bonus: you not only learn from me but you learn from your teammates too. There is so much to be learned for the journeys of others, people like Stephannie or LeAnn, who have been successful on this journey.
  2. I completed Dr. John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition program, becoming a PN Certified Level 1 Coach. Nutrition is the biggest challenge for 90% of my clients. Even after visits to registered dieticians they can still feel confused about how to eat and lack a plan to reach their goals. This course added to my skill set in this critical area and the tools are working to help my clients achieve the results they want.
  3. I stopped spending my money on traditional advertising and started investing it in YOU. I tried some ads in traditional media but honestly it felt weird and my message doesn’t translate well in 30 seconds. I refuse to make promises I can’t keep or guarantee speedy but unhealthy weight loss. Instead, I decided to spend that money on things that make people healthier (like sponsoring community runs) and rewarding my clients who share their positive experiences with their friends and family. And, as I’ve been since the very beginning, I am always available on Twitter and Facebook sharing what I know and answering your questions.
  4. I made a concerted effort to give back (more). My family was poor when I was growing up. I know the kindness of strangers filled my belly and gave me presents under the tree at Christmas more than once. Because of that I’ve always believed in paying it forward. The blog was my first step in sharing what I’ve learned with those who, for whatever reason, can’t work with me in person. This year I added more donations of training time to some of favorite causes and sponsorship of programs like Mama’s Meltdown and the BetterU Challenge to make my community even stronger.

I also want to highlight what hasn’t changed.

  • I still believe in putting the PERSONAL back in Personal Training.
  • My goal is still to build you up, not break you down.
  • For a lifetime of fitness you have to start with a foundation of the basics.

The only way I can get the best from my clients is to bring my best each and every day. I work hard to do that in each session, each blog post and each time I give a presentation to a community group or office.  If you think I’m succeeding in that mission, bringing my best each day, then vote for me for the Best Personal Trainer in 417-Land. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the 2013 Best of 417 2013 Page
  2. Vote for all your 417-land favorites.
  3. Be sure to Enter the Math answer and Click Vote Graphic at the bottom of each page/tab.
  4. On page 5 (Services) enter the following for Best Personal Trainer:

Pamela Hernandez, Thrive Personal Fitness

Finish the survey by entering your information on the last page and clicking on the Vote Graphic.

Then share this post with others. Ask your friends and family to vote for me when they vote in the Best of 417 Awards. It’s a great way to support all of our fantastic local businesses!

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