Starting a fitness journey can be hard. It takes time to for my clients to make changes, figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s not an easy process learning new ways of eating and moving. It can be a struggle for many, those first few months, trying to let go of old habits and form new ones.

Other times, they come in and they GET IT.

That’s Stephannie.

Fat Loss Success Story: Meet Stephannie
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Stephannie started her journey, like so many others, after seeing pictures of herself. Unhappy with those photographs, feeling anxiety and depression over what she saw, she came to a point where she knew she had to do something. She started on her own by going to the gym a lot and eating less. It worked, to a point. She lost about 25 lbs on her own but eventually  weight loss slowed, then stopped altogether. She was also hungry all the time. Food, in fact, was causing her a great deal of anxiety. She wasn’t sure what to eat and food became a source of confusion.

Combine that with the dreaded fat loss plateau and Stephannie decided she needed professional help. She had heard me on the radio one morning on the Kevin & Liz Show and liked what I had to say. She checked in with her husband and, after getting his support, sent me an email.

The rest, as they say, is history. Stephannie took to strength training and clean eating like a duck to water. In fact Stephannie goes above and beyond, doing things like grinding her own flour. Stephannie is also the master of buying in bulk and cooking ahead. Planning is her secret weapon, what separates her from those who seem to struggle the most. But when you work full time, with a daily 2-hour commute, and have twin daughters in high school you have to plan.

I spend about 4 working hours on the weekend to prep my food and about two maybe three hours to plan and go the grocery store. I drag my husband to the store with me, so we can spend time together, he can pick out things he likes, and he helps me carry the groceries in! It may not be the most romantic “date” but just spending time with him makes me happy. … Over all it takes maybe seven hours a week to plan, shop, cook, and clean up for four people for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. …I would rather spend my evenings through the week exercising, reading a book, or running my teenagers to the ends of the earth! I can do all of that with proper planning!

The results have been outstanding. The plateau went by the wayside and she is now down to 165 lbs (after her highest point of about 215 lbs). And she’s no longer hungry or anxious about food. She’s always sharing with friends and family everything she has learned and how glad she is that she sent that first email.

When I am sick I go to the doctor, when I need a haircut I go to my hairdresser, when I need my car worked on I go to a mechanic, when I wanted to learn how to knit I went to a class with a knowledgeable teacher, so why wouldn’t I go to a trainer to help me lose weight. I now consider a part of my bills not an extravagant luxury, because my weight and health is worth the expense. The health and wellbeing of my children and husband is worth the expense.

Stephannie is very close to her goal weight and is accomplishing new milestones everyday. I can’t wait to see pictures of her next outdoor adventure, hiking along and easily managing her 40 lbs backpack.

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