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My favorite place to shop for food is Mama Jean’s Natural Market.  We have been shopping there pretty much since the store opened in 2002. Our previous health food store was experiencing a constant turnover in staff that had us wondering what was going on and Mama Jean’s was much closer to our house, less than a mile away.

As a regular I’m on a first name basis with one of the owners and I feel thankful to call Grace, one of their awesome chefs, a friend.  I met Shawn, who is in charge of programs at Mama Jean’s, at the iBody Directory meet up in October.  Recently Shawn contacted me to be part of an amazing program that Mama Jean’s is hosting.

It’s called the Mama’s Meltdown Challenge. He explained to me that the idea actually came from the staff themselves.  Even though they have many resources available to them at the store, they felt they needed a little push to get them motivated and moving along on their fitness journeys. When they discussed the idea with Shawn, it morphed into not just a workplace initiative but a way to get the entire community moving towards improved health and fitness.

Much needed since MO ranks 40 out 50 states on the Healthiest Places to Live!

Shawn then started making things happen. He reached out to me, as well as many other members of the iBody Community, to get sponsors (for prizes!) and support to create a fantastic 22 week transformation challenge for mind, body and spirit. While weight will be measured, the program is designed to focus on all dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, physical, and intellectual.  Every month there will be seminars, discounts and, of course, prizes for those who meet the mark in hitting their goals.

Ready to join the Mama’s Meltdown Challenge? Here is what you need to know:

  • Register at either Mama Jean’s location.
  • Program starts January 9 and last for 6 months.
  • Prizes are awarded in categories by gender and age.
  • The entry fee is just $30. Not only do you get informative seminars and prizes for hitting goals, but you also get an awesome T-shirt and Mama’s Meltdown VIP card good for discounts some fabulous products.
  • If you’ve got more questions than I can answer email Shawn at

While ultimately you have to be motivated by being healthy and feeling good to stay on a fitness journey, having some extra incentives (and some extra help) can never hurt.  I can’t wait to see you at the first meeting on January 9th!

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