Fat Loss Success Story: Meet LeAnn
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On June 21, 2012 the Mama’s Meltdown program wrapped up with over 1000 lbs lost. I am so proud to have been a sponsor of this program, making our community a little bit healthier and a little bit better.

I am also so very proud to be working with some of the participants one on one. I know my approach to fitness isn’t fancy. I don’t promise ginormous amounts of calories burned per session or dramatic and quick weight loss. My methods are all about slow but sustainable results. That means during a challenge like the Meltdown, were weight lost is the sole measure of success, I may not be the most popular choice. During the Meltdown lots of people were posting to the Facebook group about specials for saunas, supplements and the latest lose weight quick methods. But that’s not my way. I prefer to share sensible methods to health and fitness knowing that those seeking real change will see through the hype and appreciate a more sensible approach.

That describes LeAnn. LeAnn had tried some of the fad diets. She told me of one plan were she ate 800 calories a day. She lost 60 lbs but gained 80 lbs back after returning to normal. This time she was ready for a new normal.

LeAnn heard about the Meltdown from a coworker. She had already made some changes to how she was eating and thought Mama’s Meltdown would be an opportunity to learn more and be motivated by a little competition.

It was the same coworker who mentioned listening to me on the Kevin & Liz show and how practical and manageable my advice is.  LeAnn had never had a program designed just for her and thought it was worth the investment to get some help while she participated in the Meltdown.

LeAnn was dedicated from the very beginning. I could tell she was ready to do things differently. She’s truly an example of someone who is done with diets and has started living a healthy and fit life. Not that it’s been easy. Making new habits and changing how you live is a process and it can be a challenging one.

I would have to say that the most surprising thing has been the change in my way of thinking.  I always thought of dieting in the physical aspect.  Making a lifestyle change takes a few major mental adjustments.  I’ve changed the way I look at things (i.e. I can no longer think to myself that I’m not doing as bad as I used to, but that I’m not doing as well as I could be) as well as facing a few insecurities.

The hardest part has been not eating when I’m bored.  While I am much more active now than I used to be, I still find that there are times when I’m wandering through the kitchen looking in the fridge and in cabinets.  I have to stop and ask myself what I’m doing, because I’m doing this without even being hungry.

With these mental adjustments LeAnn’s journey is off to an amazing start. She’s lost 30 lbs according to her Meltdown weigh ins and 23.8 lbs since starting to work with me. As she said, she’s more active too.  She’s discovered that fitness can be fun when you find what you love. She’s joined a softball team and she’s been bitten by the running bug, completing her her first 5K this past weekend.

LeAnn’s journey is just starting but what a tremendous start she’s made. A little competition and a few bad “diet” experiences can be powerful motivators. I look forward to seeing how she does when the next Meltdown challenge kicks off in August.

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