Fat Loss Deal of the Day Challenge
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photo by najeebkhan2009

In November I put out a challenge. I offered my services to anyone who could prove me wrong about a popular weight loss fad: the HCG diet. I reached out to those who took advantage of a local deal of the day that offered a 50% discount for their version of the HCG protocol.  All they had to do was contact me for an appointment before they started the program and bring in a copy of the deal. I offered to take their body composition measurements before and after participating in the program. If they lost only fat, I offered to train them for 3 months at no cost. If they lost anything other than fat, they didn’t have to do anything. Seems like a win-win, right?

No one took me up on my offer.

It could be for lots of reasons. Maybe my readers are smart of enough to know better and immediately hit delete when the deal of the day hit their inbox. Perhaps they’ve already been on countless diets and have experienced the roller coaster for themselves. Yet the promise of quick and effortless weight loss still gets them each time, even though deep down they know I am right. The simply don’t want to face the facts.

There are no quick fixes.

Being fit for life means changing your life.

I believe in what I do so passionately that I am going to keep this challenge open to anyone who buys a quick fix HCG diet deal of the day/groupon/living social or any other similar offer. Call me or email me before you start. I’ll take your measurements before or after. If you lose only body fat doing the protocol as exactly outlined for the time frame specified in your particular deal, 3 months of Team Training will be yours free of charge.  If your weight loss includes lean mass, then you owe me nothing. Perhaps I can still give you something-the fit truth and how to start a real fitness journey.

I’m ready of the challenge if you are.

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