I love a deal. I think going to Big Lots and Marshall’s to peruse for bargains is an ideal afternoon. Outlet malls are heaven. Coupons are my best friend.  Like many of you I have several emails I get every day with half price and discount deals a la Groupon.

Deal of the Day: Lose Muscle for 50% off
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photo by Robert Brook

Recently this appeared in my inbox as part of a local magazine’s “Deal of the Day” program

40 Days of HCG for $99

Frustrated by not hitting your weight loss goals? Feel stuck? Then you need to look into the hCG weight loss program through (company removed). hCG helps you lose weight immediately, burn fat in problem areas, keep excess weight off and eliminate food cravings. In addition to 40 days of hCG drops, this deal also includes weekly detox footbaths and infrared sauna treatments.

What a deal. Half off the ability to purchase a program that:

  • Helps you lose lean muscle mass:  The real weight loss driver of this program is the starvation diet of 500 calories per day. I won’t argue, at 500 calories per day you are probably going to lose weight. But what weight? Muscle, water and maybe a little fat. There is no scientific evidence that can back up the claim of burning only fat.  Nor do most of these practitioners measure anything but weight.  How do you know what you’re losing if no one takes body composition measurements before or after?
  • Increase chances of getting pregnant: HCG is a pregnancy hormone. In fact that is what pregnancy tests are testing to get that little plus or minus.  It increases rapidly during the 1st trimester and then drops off in production after that.  It’s only approved use, via injection, is as a fertility treatment.
  • Disrupt thyroid function: Studies of women taking HCG for its approved use show an increased risked of hyperthyroidism.  Speaking from experience, you don’t want this side effect. Plus any abnormal stimulation of the thyroid can cause issues when that stimulation is removed.
  • The FDA has deemed a fraud and illegal: In early 2011 the FDA released a statement that the homeopathic drops were illegal because they are not recognized by the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and not approved by the FDA as a homeopathic drug. They described them as an “economic fraud”.

Yet I am sure they sold hundreds of these deals.  Hundreds of people who want to lost weight and are being deceived by diet industry that doesn’t care how it leaves people in the end, only about emptying their wallets. No matter how many times I talk about the dangers of this method, people will continue to ignore the warnings because the results seem to be too good to pass up.

Since I am a native of the Show Me state, I believe the proof is in the numbers. Here is what I am going to do for anyone in the Springfield MO area. If you bought this deal of the day call me before you start the program.  I’ll check your body composition for free before you start and after to prove to you that the claims of only fat loss are false.  Based on my experience I am so sure of this fact that if I am wrong, I will give you a month of Team Training for free if indeed 100% of the weight lost is fat.  All you have to do is call me before you start and show me a copy of your Deal of the Day when you come in.

So who’s ready to take my challenge?

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