Mama's Meltdown Update!
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We are just past the half way point in the Mama’s Meltdown Challenge! In case you forgot what the Mama’s Meltdown Challenge is I’ll bring you up to speed. Mama Jean’s Natural Market kicked off a 6-month healthy living challenge on January 9. Participants were weighed to start and they check in monthly for weigh ins and informational seminars.  There are prizes awarded each month for those “biggest losers” in their age and gender categories with a final grand prize to be awarded in June. The store keeps lots of information available out to help participants reach their fitness goals and mark products in the store and deli as “Meltdown Approved” to help participants make better choices.

The mid April status report is:

  • 857 lbs. have been lost!
  • 115 participants are still active, attending weigh ins and classes on a regular basis!
  • The biggest loss since the first weigh in on January 9 is 55 lbs.!

I am so encouraged by these numbers.

First, people are still participating. The program is 6 months long, longer than those jump start programs you see promising to lose lots of weight in a short period of time.  But it’s not about dieting it’s about making a change in how you live.  While a few participants have fallen by the wayside (there were over 140 to start) many are still moving forward, accepting the fact that it takes time to make real and sustainable changes.

Second, participants are supporting each other outside of the meetings. A fitness journey is much harder when you try to go it alone. People are connecting not just at the classes and seminars, but on Facebook or for workouts. For example, I am privileged to have met 2 participants, extremely dedicated ladies,  who have started holding each other accountable to 5 a.m. runs. I don’t even get up at 5 a.m. to workout!

Finally, the results are truly inspiring. I have been very fortunate to work one on one with a couple of the participants and see their results up close.  Their custom programs are helping then get fit, lose inches and build strength without starving themselves or taking crazy supplements. They are finding new activities they enjoy and real foods to nourish their bodies. I couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and dedication.

June, and the final weigh ins, will be here before we know it. I can’t wait to see the final total and all those awesome before and after pictures. I love a good success story and we will have a whole room full of them!

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