3 Moves for a Better Backside
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photo by EasyMakesMeHappy

I think I have a new nickname.

I am … the Booty Lifter.

I have several clients who have commented on the lift they’ve been given in their backsides since they started working with me.  I can see it in their progress pictures too. Where there was flatness there are now curves. Where there was sagging there is now shape. I feel I have found my calling – helping women lift their derrieres.

If your backside isn’t as shapely as you would like it to be try adding one (or all) of these 3 moves to your workout routine. These are all on regular rotation in my client programs and the results speak for themselves.

  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlift: The glutes are your primary stabilizer muscle in the legs. This move doesn’t even require a weight to be effective. It’s top of my list for a bikini ready body.
  • Single Leg Bridge: Bridge is a common yoga pose. This version focuses on the glutes by shifting the lifting of the body to one leg. I always tell my clients to keep the sole of their shoe parallel to the ceiling. Then squeeze the glutes to lift, as though they are trying to push up the ceiling.
  • Reverse Lunges: Lunges hit the front and back of the leg. The secret to putting the focus on the glutes is to take a bit wider than normal step back.

These moves will help you rock the short shorts this summer. But don’t forget, to really show off your new found shape you need to eat clean too! Try my Post Workout Pina Colada as part of your summer shape up plan.


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