3 Moves For a Bikini Ready Body
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photo by Vince Alongi

It may be the coldest week of the winter so far, but today I’m thinking about bikinis.

It’s not hard to do; swimsuits were already out on my last trip to Target. If you’re planning a spring break trip bikini season is really only 4 or 5 weeks away.

Time to start working on that bikini body! I’ve got 3 exercises that need to be in your workout to make sure you rock that body on the beach.

  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts: This is my favorite exercise for strong and lifted glutes. Start by standing tall and balanced on one leg. Your knee should be slightly bent. Hinge forward at the waist with the goal of touching the ground. Then rise up to the starting position and repeat. You can make this move more challenging by having a dumbbell or kettlebell in the hand reaching for the ground.
  • Upright Row: For strong and shapely shoulders this exercise is easy and effective. Start by standing tall with abdominals pulled in and shoulders pulled back, holding dumbbells or a barbell at hip height in front of you with palms facing back. Pretend you are a puppet with strings attached to each elbow. Someone gently and slowly pulls your strings so that your elbows come up even with your shoulders. Lower to start and repeat.
  • Mountain Climbers: While this exercise brings your heart rate up it also works your core and arms. An increased heart rate burns fat to show off a tight core and those shapely arms.  Assume a push position, and then alternate tucking one knee towards the chest while keeping the opposite leg fully extended. Step back and forth for beginnings, add a hop if you’ve been working out for a while. Keep a steady pace with good form. This is great to do between sets of or at the end of circuit workout to finish strong.

A beach body isn’t just about exercise. 80% of your results are going to come from good nutrition. Follow these 3 tips to show off your new muscles:

  • Watch your sodium intake. Keep it under 1500 mg for health and to reduce water retention.
  • Choose fruits that are low on the Glycemic Index to help keep blood sugar levels stable and promote fat burn. Think apples, oranges and plums.
  • Eat your healthy fats. When you give your body an adequate amount of good fat it’s less likely to store fat and more likely to burn it. Add flaxseed or nuts to your oatmeal or my non-vegetarian friends can top their salads with some tuna or salmon.

Get moving and get ready to hit the beach. Or if you’re like me, the hotel pool!

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