Personal Training by Pamela Hernandez

Pamela has encouraged and helped me to see the “big picture” with my health and fitness goals, all while appreciating that success takes place one step at a time.


I retained Thrive Personal Fitness to give me a workout plan that I could use at home and at the gym. Pamela fully delivered and tweaked a program for me that catered to my busy lifestyle.

She gave me the confidence to add a weight program and I saw immediate results. Not only did she save me the expense of retaining a nutritionist, she also helped me fit back into a pair of jeans that I had before I had children.


For those of you who know Pamela, you will agree with what I am about to say. …I thought, what have I got to loose. I’ll hire her for a month. If I don’t see any results I just won’t hire her for the next month. That was 7 months and 29 lbs ago…

From the very beginning she was positive even when I was yo-yoing. I was harder on myself than she was. I always give her the credit. She says, “You are doing the work. I am only giving you the tools.”

Her method of resistance training is remarkable!!!

At first, I wasn’t seeing any change in myself. Then I started to look closer when members of the gym were remarking at the weight I was losing.


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