Monthly Workout Playlist November 2012

I was listening to one of my favorite non-fitness podcasts, Pop Culture Happy Hour, when inspiration struck for this month’s playlist.

The topic, after they discussed the nature of Suspense, was covers. Particularly covers they wished would occur, their fantasy remakes and ones that much to their joy had actually occurred. They shared some amazing finds from the Violent Femmes and William Shatner. There was an awful (in a good way) version of Mae West singing “Twist and Shout”.  I was laughing so hard it I didn’t know if I was going to make it through my sprint intervals.

For this month’s playlist I’ve got some covers that are more workout friendly so you can save your breath for cranking up your intensity. If you do want a good laugh, however, I suggest checking out their podcast or the album When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You Would Hear.

What’s your favorite cover song to run or lift to?

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