• berlinoise

    Hi Pamela, When I was looking for a personal trainer (many moons ago now), I went to my gym with the intention on inquiring about personal training options. It turned out my current trainer (with whom I’ve now been working for 4 years!) was on duty, he sat me down, listened to what I wanted to achieve, offered me an introductory session, drew up a programme for me (which he regularly reviews) and we’ve never looked back :-) I live in a medium-sized town – so I’m sure there would have been other options – but this one has worked out extremely well for me!

    Great article once again – I so appreciate your ability to get down to the nitty-gritty! :-) Liz

  • http://www.thrivepersonalfitness.com/about-pamela/ Pamela

    Thanks Liz! It sounds like he did the most important thing first-he listened. That is also a very important thing to look for in a trainer.