You’re busy. You’re also tired of feeling sick and tired.

You hate the draining feel of your midday energy slump. You arrive home after work starving, causing you to inhale dinner. Then you keep snacking, trying to fill the gnawing in your stomach and satisfy your stress cravings. You know you’re sabotaging yourself with the end of day overload.

Yes, you’re ready, willing and able to do things differently.

You’re fully aware that a big part of the solution to your low energy and end of day overeating issues lies in a better breakfast. Really any breakfast since right now breakfast is usually a latte (and a banana if you walk into Starbucks when the drive-up line is too long).

September is National Better Breakfast Month and I am here to help you honor it with a new morning ritual.

There are three things I believe to be essential to a better breakfast:

  1. It has to taste good. No one has time for chalky protein bars or bitter green smoothies.
  2. There must be a good source of protein to help you stay satisfied until lunch.
  3. Whatever you choose, it should not be able to double for dessert. (This includes many popular breakfast bars which are mostly sugar and flour, just like cake.)

Other than that, you’re pretty much open to anything. If you want a leftover fish taco for breakfast, go for it! If a BLT sounds good, do it!

However, if you’re looking for better breakfast options that are slightly more traditional I have plenty to choose from. I love breakfast so I’ve shared some great recipes over the last 8 years of blogging. Here’s a round up of my favorite ways to build a better breakfast.

5 (Almost) Perfect Protein Bars For Breakfast: I say almost because they may have a little sugar added. However, they also provide plenty of protein and healthy fat or fiber to prevent a blood sugar spike.

Fast And Tasty Recipes For 5 Minute Breakfasts: If you don’t have a lot of time here are some simple ideas to fuel your morning. You may need to do a little prep on the weekends but trust me it is well worth it.

Your own custom Super Shake: That’s right, you can make your own breakfast Super Shake perfectly every time using the Super Shake Guide as your blueprint. Sign up for my email list here to get your copy. Now you’ll have endless options for simple and delicious shakes to drink on your way to the office.

Morning Mug Soufflé: I used to eat this every morning! (Now I eat a mug cake at night instead. Weird, I know.) You could even make this at the office.

Morning Oats Goulash: If you have a little time in the morning or you’re looking for something healthy to start the weekend this is a perfect choice. The whole family will enjoy it.

Southwest Chickpea Scramble: If you’re making a transition to a more plant-based diet here is a great alternative to eggs for breakfast. Need more ideas for your new veg diet? Check out Protein Ninja by Terry Hope Romero. Her Tofu Scramble is the best I’ve ever had.

My favorite breakfast? I eat scrambled eggs with kale and a small bowl of oats with chia seeds pretty much every day. It keeps me incredibly satisfied on a busy morning of training. What’s your favorite way to start the day on the right nutritional note?

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