The first rule of fat loss is to stop skipping breakfast.

You know you feel stronger and make better choices later with a healthy foundation of Greek yogurt and berries. If you have time to make a Mocha Chai Protein Smoothie for your morning commute you know you can tackle whatever surprises the day has in store for you.

However, most mornings the chaos starts before you even roll out of bed. There is no time to throw smoothie ingredients in the Ninja. There is barely time to brush your teeth in between the search for lost homework and the sudden realization that your 9 am appointment is really at 8:30.

With no time to hit the drive up you simply decide to go without your morning meal. Mid morning, as you rush into the kitchen for your second cup of coffee, the box of donuts beckons. Now you notice the slight grumble in your stomach and reach for your favorite chocolate glazed. It’s gone before you even make it to the Kuerig. Regret is instant. Thinking “what the hell” you grab another to go with your cinnamon latte.

WAIT. It doesn’t have to be this way.

With a little planning you can make sure you have a stash of (almost) perfect protein bars for breakfast.

Why ALMOST perfect? Because it is hard to find a protein bar that is low in sugar AND free of artificial sweeteners. I struggle with this myself and have learned to make trade offs. (It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress, right?) I’ve found five protein bars that are almost perfect to grab for breakfast when there is no time to cook and you need to eat with one had while doing carpool duty. Stock your pantry, purse and desk drawer so you can break the fast and set yourself up for smarter choices all day long.

Think Thin Protein Bar
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ThinkThin – Favorite Flavor: Brownie Crunch

They are low in sugar but contain malitol, an artificial sweetener you do not want to consume in large quantities. Pay attention to how your body reacts to it before you buy a whole box.

Vega One – Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Peanut Butter

If you’re facing a high energy day this planted based bar is a better choice. It is relatively high in sugar but it is all natural and vegan.

Clif Builder’s Bar – Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Hazelnut

It has more sugar than the Vega One but this bar also has more protein to help balance out the sugar. Runner up flavor is Chocolate Mint. It kind of tastes like Thin Mints.

Nugo Slim – Favorite Flavor: Raspberry Truffle

With only 2 grams of sugar this is my favorite on the list. However, some people do experience issues with the added fiber. It is also too low in calories to be breakfast by itself. You’ll want to pair this one with an apple or a couple of cuties to make sure you stay full till lunchtime.

Luna Bar – Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Dipped Coconut

It only has 9 grams of protein, under the 10 gram threshold I recommend, but it only has 8 grams of sugar. The sugar is from natural sources, like brown rice syrup, not artificial sweeteners. With only 200 calories you might pair this with a 100-calorie pack almonds from your desk drawer stash.

When you make your weekly meal plan make sure to add these bars to your shopping list, just in case you need a Plan C.

What’s your go-to protein bar?

How do you make sure you don’t skip the most important meal of the day?

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