Recently on Facebook, someone asked about easy snacks. Snacks that are under 200 calories and can be eaten at the office.

Top Office Friendly Healthy Snacks
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image by Harsha K R

The reality is most people spend a good deal of the day at the desk.  Snacks need to be non-perishable and quick.  Something that can stay in a desk drawer or office refrigerator and reloaded once a week.  Something that can be grabbed in the mad dash between meetings and conference calls.

I used to live that life, so I know how challenging it can be.  My go-to 2:00 pm snack when I started this journey (and for many years after) was a Luna bar. It still makes the top of my list. Just don’t wash it down with a Diet Coke as was my habit back in my office dwelling days.  I have since discovered that woman cannot live on protein bars alone.  So I have compiled a list with a variety of options for healthy office snacks or mini meals. If you’re struggling with office fuel or things to pack in a purse for a long day of errands I hope these options help you out.  If you’ve got a favorite not on the list be sure to share!

Desk drawer snacks:

  • Luna Bars (170-190 calories each, depending on variety)
  • Primal Strips Seitan Jerky (99 calories)
  • Almonds (100 calorie packs for freshness)
  • Bear Naked Fit Granola (120 calories a serving)
  • Dry Roasted Edamame (130 calories a serving)
  • Bananas ( small ones are about 75 calories) and apples (small ones are about 65 calories)
  • Tuna or chunk chicken packets (for my non-vegetarian readers, about 70-100 calories per serving)
  • Protein2GO (50 calories) perfect to add to a bottle of water

Break Room refrigerator snacks:

  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese (1/2 cup 90 calories)
  • Hummus with baby carrots (about 100 calories for a serving of each)
  • Greek Yogurt (varies by brand, aim for 120-150 calories)
  • Hardboiled eggs (71 calories each) or just the whites (17 calories each)

By planning ahead and bringing in a new bag of snacks each week you will have something to reach for (other than the vending machine Snickers) when hunger attacks.

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