MIddle Ground Manifesto
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You know there is a better way.

You know that there is life beyond repeating cycles of the Whole 30 and “get fit quick” boot camps.

You know you are on the brink of breaking the chains of all or nothing thinking but…you’re not sure how.

I can show you.

You already have permission to say no to the fads and quick fixes. You understand that real change is about small victories. You already have the map of the changes that need to happen.

The problem lies in the HOW. The HOW is unique for each of us, yet we share a common struggle. We share a collective challenge that isn’t about proper portion sizes or getting 10K steps a day. Only a true revolution will help us conquer the biggest challenge we face on this journey.

This is just the first step in the march towards the Middle Ground and it starts with always having a plan B. This gives you a way to reject all or nothing thinking while also staying consistent and true to your long term goals.

If your plan is to run for 40 minutes know that you can run for 20 or walk and say GOOD ENOUGH.

Woman Jogging
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If your husband eats your carefully packed leftovers you will be secure in the knowledge that the can of chili or GoPicnic meal you have in your desk drawer will do.

If your favorite strength workout lasts longer than your lunch hour then give yourself permission to do two sets instead of four because you know something is always better than nothing.

There is a middle ground. Say it with me and say it often.

Ready to join the resistance? Next week…. part two of the Middle Ground Manifesto.




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