Your magazine pile is overflowing with holiday issues. Their covers, with pictures of turkeys, pumpkins and sugar cookie snowmen, are beckoning you to get ready for family dinners and cookie parties. There’s excitement in your heart for the holidays but also a little uneasiness. You feel like this year your efforts are finally starting to click and you’re on the right track. Yet in the back of your mind you’re a bit worried. Are  these habits really made to stick?

How am I going to manage to stay focused on my fitness journey with all the stress and temptation the holidays bring?

Winter isn’t even officially here but it’s already harder to lace up your running shoes in the cold and dark morning. You’ve already hit snooze a few times and skipped the gym. You know it’s a slippery slope so you’ve never let it happen more than two days in a row. (Not yet anyway.) It is a struggle to fight your hibernation instinct (and your old habits) when it’s already dark when you leave work. The friends who used to meet you at the gym after work have long fallen off the wagon and are beckoning you to join them for happy hour.

Who is going to be the angel on my shoulder and help me stay motivated this winter?

No, not him! Me, that’s who. Me and your teammates in the Small Victories Accountability Group.

“Accountability is a wonderful motivator when it comes without judgment. We all need a little help from our friends.” Julie – Small Victories participant.

I know that staying true to your goals can be tough when there are office parties, school Christmas pageants and an endless stream of chocolate chip cookies in the break room. You need an extra boost of motivation and accountability to stay true to your health and wellness goals.

The Small Victories Accountability Group is here to help you find your motivation and ditch the Diet Mentality this winter. Small Victories is not a exercise program or a diet. Instead, I want to give you the expert advice, cheering section and support you need (WITHOUT the judgment you don’t) to reach your personal goals. In this online group, we start on November 2 by setting up your “non-negotiable” habits to keep you focused on the things that matter most to you. I’ll take you all the way to January 11 and set you up with a new approach to setting goals for the New Year. (Not another New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.)

“I’m so tired of feeling bad about not being where I ‘should’ be, not doing enough, not being good enough, etc. I think a lot of women feel the same way! I really appreciated your helpful, positive, and realistic approach.” –Nikki, Small Victories participant.

During this 10-week online session you’ll have both me as your personal coach AND a group of like-minded women to provide the accountability and motivation you need to not just survive but THRIVE during this holiday season. As a member of the Small Victories Accountability Group you’ll get:

  • Weekly check-ins with the group (via Facebook) and me (vie email).
  • Exercises to help you bring your goals into focus and deal with obstacles.
  • Special members only Facebook Live videos and strategies to help you achieve the goals that matter most on YOUR unique fitness journey.
  • A copy of my book, The 4 Keys To Real Fitness.
  • A special 12 Days of Fitmas workout.
  • Plus a chance to win a 1-on-1 coaching session!

All of this for just $39.99.

So I can give each person the attention she deserves I only take 20 participants in the group. My email list got first change to register. That means when this post goes live there are only 7 spots open! To claim yours NOW, click here.

Once you’ve claimed your spot, your first exercise will be on it’s way! Then starting November 2, you’ll have twice a week check-ins and weekly tips and strategies to help you keep and make healthy habits and find personal growth on your fitness journey.

For the cost of less than ONE personal training session you can have a coach and support group for 10 weeks. You can be one step ahead of the game. When everyone else is scrambling to get back to the routine, you’ll be feeling healthy, happy and strong. Ready to find the accountability and motivation you need? Join us now …because registration closes October 29 or when I fill the group, whichever comes first!








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