You’re pretty sure your husband is trying to make up for not getting an Atari as a kid. There are so many gadgets attached to the television you’re never sure what remote to use when you want to watch Ellen. You’ve had to wake him up more than once to ask again which device to use for your favorite kickboxing workout DVD.

When he mentions to you that he really wants an Apple TV, you roll your eyes a tiny bit. But before you start to reply with the reasons why you don’t need another piece of living room hardware, you pause.

Didn’t I see something in a magazine in the break room about fitness apps on Apple TV?

Didn’t it mention it was just as easy to use as my iPad? Maybe I shouldn’t protest to hard on this one.

Maybe I can get rid of my workout DVDs all together!

Streaming workouts are the hottest thing in working out from home. Apple TV makes it even easier because it so familiar. Signing up for a workout channel is just like downloading a new app to your iPad. Except with Apple TV you’ve got a much bigger screen and a distinct uncomplicated remote to help you navigate all the fantastic new fitness options. Unlike a DVD you won’t get bored with hundreds of options available to choose from every day.

Overwhelmed by that many choices? Don’t worry; I’ve narrowed it down to what I think are the six best fitness apps on Apple TV. Here’s your quick guide to the best workouts on Apple TV.


DailyBurn was one of the first entries into streaming workouts and I still think they do it the best. This is a subscription service but you will get your money’s worth. They have you covered with everything from kettlebells to yoga. You can sign up for a structured program (you can check out my adventure with the Inferno program here), pick out workouts on the fly or join the team DAILY for the live 30 minute workout called DailyBurn 365.

BeachBody On-Demand

If you’ve done P90X or PiYo you know BeachBody. Beachbody On-Demand is also a subscription service but you have access to all of their most popular programs. You can also purchase their newest releases in app, have the ability to try special BeachBody On-Demand exclusive programing or visit their Challenge Du Jour to add some variety to your week.


Wondering why your favorite Jillian Michaels DVD disappeared from Amazon Prime? You’ll find them on FitFusion, a streaming workout service that launched last year as a one stop shop for working out with all your favorite celebrity trainers. This subscription service is a slightly lower price than two I mentioned above but you won’t find any structured or personalized programs. What you will find are workouts from  Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks, Jennifer Nicole Lee and Tara Stiles

Runtastic Results

Runtastic Results is from the makers of your favorite running app. Stand alone workouts are available for free or you can sign up for a premium membership and get a customized 12 week training program. You don’t have to be a runner to enjoy this app but if you are this may be a great addition to the running plans and community support you already enjoy from Runtastic.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is user friendly, very calming and FREE! It may not have the standard calming visuals that you’re used to in a yoga DVD but the simple white background is as soothing as the instructor’s voice. The workouts are divided by experience level and time, letting you choose the right practice for you and your day. Along with the instructor’s easy to follow instructions, this is a great choice for new yogis.


Gaia is the channel from Gaiam, the yoga brand we know and love. Their streaming system is subscription based but it gives you access to more than yoga. Become a member of the community and you’ll also get access to guided meditation and videos on a number of health and longevity.

Now that you know just how easy the Apple TV is to use you might even get him one for his birthday.

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