Technology has made your life easier in a lot of ways.

  • The Nest turns itself up so the house is nice and toasty when you get home from work on a cold day.
  • You have an smart phone to stay connected with your book club on Facebook, listen to Serial on your morning commute and order your lunch from Panera so it’s ready to pick up when you get there.
  • You’re not sure what you did before your Kindle.

Even keeping a food journal is way easier than it used to be. Scan the bar code on your Luna bar and it appears under afternoon snack along side the Fuji apple (saved to your favorites of course.)

The problem is that food journal app is only really good at tracking food. What about how you feel after you eat Greek yogurt? (Ugh…sinus headache.) Ever tried to track your entire strength workout in there? Nearly impossible! You try to keep a separate log via Evernote but once it’s done you never look at it again. Not much value in that I am afraid.

You get a composition book to try to get everything in one place but plain notebooks are boring. The spiral bound workout logs on Amazon are very focused on miles ran or sets and reps but leave little space for meal planning or other health goals like meditation. You need a fitness planner that is fun and functional. It should be something you WANT to use. Your fitness planner should be easy to review and see your hard earned progress. Your fitness planner should be as unique as your fitness journey and ALL your individual goals.

Ever heard of a bullet journal? No? Then you need to check out this out.

My instructions may not cover all your questions. I am figuring out what works for ME, which may not work for YOU. Check out the original bullet journal video here, then get inspired!

I want to see your creations! Share your pics with me on Instagram – tag me @ThriveFit!

Already a bullet journal fan? Got a better way to track your journey? Comment below because we are all curious!

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