I think I’ve told you how smitten I am with Periscope. It’s like a virtual water cooler where I get to take a tea break and connect with other like minded women and get a daily dose of inspiration.

I really appreciate the suggestions you sent in for my own scopes! Your feedback has helped me understand what you value and what you’re curious about. I am so excited help you use Periscope to inspire your fitness journey! (Not sure of how to get on Periscope and follow along? Click here.)

Based on your feedback, I have developed a Periscope schedule. (We Upholders love schedules!) This way you have a better of idea of what days you might want to check for my scopes and share with others who might be interested. You will know what hash tag to search on Twitter to find the broadcast for that day. (Remember – they are only on Periscope for 24 hours!)

  • #MondayMotivation

    Motivation requires regular renewal.  My goal on Mondays is to help you find the motivation within and renew yourself for the week to come.

  • #TeaTuesday

    Tea is a perfect compliment to any fitness journey. I would love to share a cup with you every Tuesday. I’ve been covering the basics of tea so far but I will start doing “tea tastings”, sharing different teas and why you should (or shouldn’t) try them too. I would love to know more of your tea questions so please feel free to send me an email – ask@thrivepersonalfitness.com or tweet @ThriveFit.

  • #WIAW

    It stands for What I Ate Wednesday. I already share my daily diet on Facebook each Wednesday. On Periscope, this is the day we talk about nutrition. I’ve a lot of requests to discuss vegetarianism so expect several scopes in the future on this topic. I’ll help you learn how to decipher food labels, ways to make clean eating easier and dispelling nutrition myths. As with tea, your questions and feedback are always welcome.

  • #FixItFriday

    Friday is my favorite day because I get to be your problem solved! It’s the day I give you the answer to your long suffering fitness problems. Everything from poor posture to fixing the hitch in your kettlebell swing are up for discussion. Look for scopes on fixing your squat form, exercises can you do at home with resistance bands and how to workout at your desk (without getting sweaty and gross).

I will do other special scopes but these are the days you can count on (barring illness, travel or Christmas). On Saturdays you may see a Farmers Market scope. I’ll do my best to share my travels, although we don’t have any trips planned for the rest of the year. I do have some special events on my calendar that might make for a good scope so you’ll just have to make sure you are following me on Periscope and Twitter so you don’t miss a thing!

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