If you’ve been reading my blog on a regular basis you know that I am not the person who jumps on every bandwagon. Never once was I tempted to do oil pulling. You won’t catch me at a barre class. I say no to Bulletproof Coffee (although the idea of the tea version has been tempting).

So there must be something kind of special about it for me to be so quickly hooked on Periscope.

Periscope is a live streaming video app that lets me talk to you directly. I can video record and broadcast from anywhere. And you can talk to me! You can ask me questions, which I love to answer. You can share your thoughts, which I am always eager to hear.

I think Periscope may be one of the best new tools to boost your fitness. You (and I) can get even more access to the fitness experts we love. The ability to interact allows for more engagement than a YouTube video. I love listening to Jamie Eason’s scopes (the term for a Periscope broadcast) on her life and her training tips. She’s open, honest and will answer just about anything you ask. She’s sort of my Periscope idol. I love watching Alexandra Williams show off fun and fit core exercises from exotic locals. I think I should do more of that on my upcoming fit adventure to Peru. Tamara Grand’s Fit Tips for Midlife Chicks gives me plenty of reasons to tap the screen. (This causes hearts to appear and give the Periscope version of a thumbs up). I hope she keeps doing them.

I’ve told you why I love Periscope. My mission is to empower women with fitness. Periscope gives me a direct and real time way to do it. My question is: what do you want me to talk about? I’ve been trying to do one scope a day (except when I try to get offline on Sundays for my Social Media Sabbath). I like doing them but I want to make sure you find them valuable. I’ve already shared how to do a dynamic warm up, the onion chopping trick and talked about when a health coach might be a better choice than a personal trainer. Here’s a list of topics I’m thinking about discussing in the future:

  • Meal Planning
  • Macros
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Home Workouts
  • Gaining Muscle
  • Book Recommendations
  • Carb Cycling
  • Food Labels
  • Falling Off the Wagon

What do you think of my list so far? What would you add to it or take off it? What would make you join the Periscope community and tune in to my scopes? I want to know how YOU want to use Periscope to boost your fitness.

I’m also curious how long is a good length of time for a broadcast to last. I can talk forever about my favorite subjects but I know we all have things we need to do. I’ve tried to keep them short but I notice other people talking for a REALLY long time. I want to respect your time but I also want to give you what you need.

Now is your chance to speak up. What should I talk about? How long should I broadcast. Who else should I be following? Don’t forget to follow me @ThriveFit!

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