We are an Apple home. We have Macs, we have iPhones and Brian just recently bought an Apple Watch. I still have my old Shuffles that used to keep me entertained in the gym. These means I have no shortage of music at my finger tips. I wondered if it would really be worth it look for a workout playlist on Apple Music.

I was not, however, impressed with iTunes Radio when it first rolled out in 2013. I tried to like it. I played it during my workouts, experimenting with different stations. I tried to give it feedback about my likes and dislikes that it would often not accept. Once or twice I tried to play it during client sessions, cringing when it drifted off to unknown and unexpected territory.

When I heard about Apple Music, their updated attempt at streaming music, I was skeptical. Especially when I heard how much you had to pay! Why would I switch to a monthly fee that was much higher than what I pay for Fit Radio or when there are great free options like Spotify?

Everyone at Brian’s work raved about. They said everything was there. It was like Apple “knew them”. So we signed up for a family plan three month free trial.

I am still not convinced. First, not everything is there. I’ve already stumped it looking for some Joan Jett songs. Two, when a playlist is done it is done. All you get is dead silence. There is nothing worse than being in a training session and the music just stops. FitRadio just moves on to the next playlist in the same category.

With that said, it does really get to know you. I love listening to 80s power ballads while relaxing in an Epsom Salt bath. Setting a station based on Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” on Sunday morning while I work on my calendar for the week is divine. The workout playlist options seem pretty endless and kind of fun. If you want to give Apple Music a try for your workouts I have some suggestions. In my opinion, here are the five best workout playlists on Apple Music.

  1. Let’s Get Physical: The best of the 80s, including the title song as well as Gloria by Laura Branigan. Get out the leg warmers!
  2. Robyn Deep Cuts: If you love Dancing On My Own, you will think this is the best station ever.
  3. Intro to Scissor Sisters: I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ is on my Back to the Gym Workout Playlist. If you like that song, get to know the rest of their catalog.
  4. Pick Up the Pace: This playlist is classic rock for running. I like it for sprint intervals on the treadmill. I also hate calling Guns N Roses classic rock.
  5. Getting Ready for Date Night: This is a fun mix of 80s, 90s and now. It makes a great warm up and cardio playlist.

Ready find your next workout playlist on Apple Music? Once you’ve got your workout game set, how about your kitchen? If you’re not sure where to start with changing how you eat to meet your fat loss and fitness goals, sign up for my email list to get your FREE download of the Kitchen Rescue Pak!


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