When I signed up for the Ultimate Oxygen Challenge I knew that our planned trip to Peru fell exactly in the middle of the 90-day program. I knew it would mean taking a week off from weights (which might actually help me push through the second half) and packing plenty of clean snacks.

What I hadn’t planned on was a weekend road trip to Kansas City. Long story, short version….my husband needed to test drive cars. I also can’t pass up opportunity for a Costco/Trader Joe’s run.

Since we’re going to Peru so soon that means I can’t “take off” a couple of days from the plan if I want to see my desired results. What I can do is modify the plan for the road. All it takes is a little prep and the right tools to create a fitness focused road trip. Here is my 5 step checklist (and my favorite fit things to make it happen).

Step 1

Check out your accommodations in advance. I say go Hyatt if you can! I love Hyatt hotels! Luckily, I am already very familiar with the gym at the Hyatt Place in Overland Park. It’s our favorite place to stay in the KC area. Their gym is very nice with new equipment but it’s cardio equipment only. I contemplated bringing along my exercise bands. Instead I swapped upper body and cardio on the plan. Don’t be afraid to be flexible, but don’t try to adjust your exercise routine on the fly! Check the website or call the hotel you’re planning to stay at to see what their fitness center is like. If they don’t have a fitness center, ask if they have a partnership with a local gym or search out another hotel with a fitness center (like a Hyatt hotel).

Step 2

Shop and prep portable food options. Check out my list of Fast and Fit Travel Foods and don’t forget your water bottle! I brought my Kleen Kanteen with me to refill often. I love the stainless steel bottle because it keeps the water very cold, which was much appreciated on a hot summer day. The hotel gym has a water station for refills. So do many restaurants and convenience stores that they will let you use for FREE. Carry more food with you than you think you will need. I probably prepped enough food to feed both of us for the day because I didn’t know how many hours we would be at the car dealership.

Step 3

Be realistic with your schedule the day before you leave and travel days. Your going to be busy so be honest about how much time you have for a workout. I knew my lower body circuit would only take about 30 minutes so I planned my morning accordingly. Circuits are a great way to get strength and cardio in on efficient workout. I love my Gymboss interval timer because it keeps my honest about my cardio burst and my rest interval times. Keeping my rest time to one minute and no more made sure I was done and out of the gym in plenty of time to hit the road.

Step 4

Have food ready the night before you leave. You’ll always be rushed the day you leave for any trip and you will forget something. Don’t let it be food. Anything non-perishable was already in my insulted tote. Cold foods were prepped the night before and placed together in the refrigerator. All I had to do was grab them and add them to the insulated bag. I used my gym bag (courtesy of the Vitamin Shoppe) for the trip because it already had many necessities in it. Most of you probably keep things like deodorant, flat irons and brushes in your gym bag, why not use them as an overnight bag too? I also added in my travel Thera-Band Roller Massager to the bag because I knew after sitting in a car all day I would need it! It fits in almost any bag and I’ve taken it around the world with me.

Step 5

Try to have some fun. I love road trips because Brian and I can talk without the usual distractions. I love eating at Eden Alley on the Plaza in KC. I love roaming around Costco on a Sunday morning. I love a vegan chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods. Yes, I stayed true to my plan but I also allowed myself a little indulgence too. Life is about enjoying the little things.

Stay fit, stay focused but have a good time on your next road trip too!

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