Eat Well On Your Road Trip with These Fast and Fit Foods
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All of us have to eat on the go. If you’ve checked out my WIAW posts on Facebook, you’ll notice I have to pack quite a bit of food to take me through a day away from home. Leftovers are my preferred lunch but sometimes I have to improvise. I love to make my own protein bars too but sometimes my days get away from me. And of course we travel. Everyone needs easy but healthy options to grab and go to sustain us whenever we are away from home.

With summer travel plans gearing up, I thought I would share a list of my favorite fast and fit convenience foods. These are foods that require little prep and can be purchased at places we go all the time or pass by on the highway. If you’re road tripping this weekend, stop at the grocery store or Target on the way out of town to stock up. Or look for the restaurants on your route.

  • GoPicnic meals are my life saver! These shelf stable meals are perfect for planes, trains or automobiles. Not once has TSA given me trouble about the hummus. I guess it’s not considered a gel or cream.
  • Protein bars come in all shapes and sizes. They are easy to pack and easy to eat. I love taking Designer Whey, Luna and LaraBar ALT bars with me. If you are not sure what protein bar is right to grab on the go, check out my series of protein bar reviews.
  • I love dry roasted edamame for portable protein and now Seapoint Farms has made it easy with 100 calorie packs. They won’t get smashed like a protein bar can and they provide a satisfying crunch.
  • I love to stop at Starbucks for tea. Others love them for their coffee. Did you know they have smoothies? Their smoothies are packed with protein and have just four ingredients!
  • Denny’s may not be the first name in health food but their Fit Fare menu boasts some great options to fuel up and keep it clean on the road. I like the Veggie Skillet. With egg whites, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms and potatoes it has 20 grams of protein and only 330 calories it’s a prefect powerhouse breakfast (or lunch or dinner).
  • If you go into almost any convenience store you can find cheese and nuts. Pick an ounce of mozzarella or cheddar (real cheese not “cheese food”) and a small package of raw nuts. You’ll get protein and healthy fat to keep you satisfied. If you’re lucky and they happen to have fresh fruit grab an apple or banana. FYI….the QuikTrip convenience story chain has done a pretty good job of making fast and fitter fair available for travelers. Last time I visited one they even had unsweetened iced green tea with their fountain drinks.

Are you traveling this holiday weekend? How are you keeping your meals clean on the road? While you treat yourself to a little splurge too?

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