I’ll be honest with you. When I was first asked to do a group program I was scared to death. I love the personal relationships I build with my clients. I was afraid I could not bring my personal touch to a group of 10 women, my first BetterU team. But I couldn’t say no to an amazing opportunity to do what I love: empower women with fitness.

The first program was a bit bumpy, I’ll admit. We had good results but it was definitely a learning experience. By the second year I had refined my own philosophy, the 4 Keys to Real Fitness, and used it to help structure  the program. The results moved from good to great but something was still missing. Last summer, the third year, I added new planning tools: activity planners, goal setting sheets, and willpower tips to name a few.  I stayed focused on the critical few and devoted most of the program to the 4 Keys: strength, cardio, food quantity and food quality.

It didn’t take long to see that indeed the third time was the charm. Every week there was someone with a WIN, someone discovering something new. At the Go Red for Women Luncheon the stories of inches lost, health numbers (like cholesterol and BP) down and LIFE gained brought the house down. As I attended various functions in the weeks after I kept hearing from women all over Springfield about how inspired they were by the stories of the BetterU team.

The best part, however, was that the changes kept coming. I still get emails about milestones reached and new goals set. With this latest program I had achieved my biggest goal: they had a foundation for a healthy life and felt empowered to go forward on their own. They felt that anything was possible and that they were capable of going after it.

That’s what I want for you too.

That is why I decided to introduce the 4 Keys to Real Fitness Coaching Club. Today, December 29, is the first day to register for this program based both on the principles I use with my personal training clients and the program I use with the BetterU team.

This 16-week program includes:

  • Four weekly IN PERSON workshops covering each of the 4 Keys to Real Fitness – in depth. The workshops will be held Saturday mornings in January, starting January 10 (exact time to be determined, the location will be at Thrive Personal Fitness).
  • A 12-week exercise program (not personalized but modifiable for your fitness level. Custom workouts will NOT be provided).
  • A healthy cooking class from the Mama Jean’s Natural Market team.
  • 2 bonus online workshops on choosing supplements and stress reduction techniques (via Google Hangout).
  • Mix and match recipes to help create your own custom meal plans.
  • Worksheets to help you develop goals and create your own plan for success.
  • One thirty minute personal coaching session (via phone).
  • Access to my coaching services via email – ANYTIME during the program!

Registration is closed! I still value building a relationship so this will be a small group. That means space is limited.  Registration will stay open till 8 pm January 6, 2015 – unless the group fills up before then. You can reserve your spot with a non-refundable $100 dollar deposit (with the balance due at the first class on January 10) or pay the full program price of $349. (If you pay in full and can’t attend you will receive a refund minus the $100 deposit.)

When the spots are gone, they are GONE. If I offer the program again this year (outside of the BetterU program) it will not be until the fall. Why wait any longer? You’ve tried the diets before but they’ve never lasted. It’s time to focus less on the scale and more on living healthier, feeling better and becoming stronger both physically and mentally. It’s time to take your power back and get real. Are you ready to accept the challenge of changing how you live, eat and move? Join me and other women ready to start this amazing journey of health and empowerment. I hope to see you January 10!

$100 Deposit Link

$349 Pay in Full Link

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