BetterU Challenge: Women on a Mission
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photo by W Brian Duncan

If you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman. – Margaret Mead

Last Monday I got to meet the 10 women I am blessed to be working with for the next 12 weeks as part of the American Heart Association’s Better U challenge.

We all gathered in a conference room at a local trust company: the women, sponsors like myself and staff from the American Heart Association.  I listened to each woman stand up, one at a time, and share why she was there.  I was in awe as each shared her story, what compelled her to take that brave first step of filling out the application and compete for a spot in this life changing experience.

Each story was different, some made me laugh and one or two brought a tear to my eye, but there was something very communal about what was happening. In the short time these women had been together they had already managed to build an aura of hope, a community of support.

No one in that room was giving up.

Each one had a resolve to live better, to change their destiny.

My job is to help them accomplish that. How lucky am I!

The really cool thing is they are not just taking back their own lives but they are charged with sharing what they learn so that they can also save the lives of others. They are to be true health ambassadors. If we all do our jobs well it won’t be just 10 women whose lives are changed. The lives of their co-workers, spouses, children, sisters and mothers with change as well.  How to move, eat and live healthy will spread across families and offices across the Ozarks, perhaps beyond.

To accomplish this mission I have just one goal for this challenge. Last year not everyone completed the program. This year everyone will finish, 100% will complete the program. This is success to me. As long as you are showing up and giving effort you can’t fail. If everyone crosses the finish line together not only will they be better, but also they will make everyone around them better.

Join us on this journey. It’s really quite simple, just “show up”. I will be sharing regular updates on these women and their journeys here on the blog as well as Facebook and Twitter.  You can also actively take part in the Better U online challenge. Click here to join the free 12 week online program.  You’ll learn more about heart disease in women and get tips and tools to help you along on your fitness journey.

I look forward to you joining us and sharing what I learn from each of those amazing ladies.

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