My 5 Favorite Workout Playlists
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My first blog post in September 2009 coincided with the launching of my personal training business, Thrive Personal Fitness. It was an introduction to my fitness philosophy and me. My second blog post was a workout playlist. Every month since then I have produced a new playlist, mixing my love of music and my passion for fitness.

With over four years worth of music behind me, I thought it would be a good time to pick my all time favorite playlists. Perhaps you missed them the first time around. I hope they give you some new inspiration for your workouts or a reminder of favorite songs you may have forgotten. Here we go, in no particular order:

  • The 5K Playlist
    I put this playlist together as I trained for my second 5K. Running came later in my fitness journey and I have learned to enjoy it. It’s still not easy for me but it has gotten better. Songs like Shirley and When I Grow Up are on my current running playlist
  • The HIIT Playlist
    If you’re going to do a high intensity workout you need high energy music. Kettlebell intervals, dumbbell complexes and body weight metabolic circuits are some of my favorite ways to get my cardio. Sandstorm brings back fond memories of stationary bike intervals, riding along with the spin class on the other side of the cardio theater wall.
  • The Revenge Playlist
    Looking and feeling amazing is the best revenge post breakup. A little Girl Power sass from Pink and Gloria Gaynor on this playlist will help you shape a body that will make him regret ever saying, “It’s not you, it’s me”.
  • The Best of my 90s Playlist
    I graduated high school in 1993. The soundtrack of my high school years and college life included pop, grunge, metal and rap. My tastes today still vary widely. However, I can’t help but feel old when I think about how long ago some of these songs came out. When did Guns and Roses become classic rock?
  • The Pitbull Playlist
    I don’t know if there is anyone right now as prolific as PitBull. I could probably do an updated version of this list with all new tunes even though it hasn’t even been a year since the original list.  I would definitely add Timber to the new list.

Which of these is your favorite? Or is there another playlist I’ve done you like better?

I promise next month to be back with a brand new playlist.  Got any song suggestions? What are you listening to now?

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