2013, originally dubbed the year of finding balance, has turned into the year of growth. Growth can be both positive (like a lovely new studio location) and painful (the lessons learned of managing a growing business). It can lead you in new directions and new relationships. It can make you sit down and reexamine your entire life. My rough start of 2013 made me dig deep to get to reason why I do what I do.

I want to help women gain control of their health and, therefore, their lives.

It’s this mission that makes me so passionate about the Go Red BetterU Program. The Go Red BetterU Challenge is a 12-week program developed by the American Heart Association that takes a woman step-by-step to learn more about heart health, eating healthy and exercising. And, once again, I get to be the fitness coach for my local challenge.

While we call it a challenge it’s really a health makeover. It has nothing to do with being the biggest loser but everything to do with gaining the knowledge and power to take control of a disease that is often very preventable.  I consider the program the beginning, the first steps in a fitness journey, for any woman who is ready to reclaim her health and her life.

Maybe you’ve decided 2013 is going to be a year for you to change, to grow. Maybe this means regaining your health and fitness. Maybe you’ve seen heart disease take its toll on those you love and you’re ready take control of your risk factors. Or maybe you want to be a good example, a health ambassador, for the women in your life that you love.  Whatever your reasons are I urge you to participate in the Go Red BetterU Challenge.

If you live in the Springfield area you can apply for our local challenge by going to www.heart.org/springfieldmo and fill out the application. If you don’t live in Springfield check in with your local American Heart Association office to see when (and if) they host their challenge. Or simply play along at home. Order the BetterU program book from the American Heart Association.

The Springfield challenge is taking applications through April 26. We will kick off the 12 week program at the end of May. I can’t wait to spend my summer with the team. I hope you’ll be joining me!

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