The Dailyburn Inferno Progam - Challenge Brings Change
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New Year’s Day was also Day 21 of the Inferno program and my last Inferno Challenge.

Other than sleeping in a bit, it started out normally. I ate my breakfast and drank my tea while checking my email. Then I started to get a little nervous. What if I can’t do it I thought to myself? What if I’m not strong enough to break 400?

Every irrational thought possible ran through my head. Every reason why I couldn’t reach my goal started to present itself as I changed into my workout clothes. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror a moment, taking a deep breath, and tried to find that reason why I COULD reach my goal.

In that moment, all my previous cannots flashed before me.

  • I can’t run. WRONG – Multiple 5Ks in the books, each one a little faster than the one before.
  • I can’t do a chin up. WRONG – They may not be pretty, but I can do 4 per set on my basement bar.
  • I can’t write. WRONG – Did you know I didn’t want to start this blog? I’m a fitness professional, not a writer I told Brian. Now it’s one of my favorite things to do.

All those can’ts told me why I could. Every time I put my heart and soul into something I made it happen. After a bit of a bumpy start, I gave it my all in every workout Anja threw at me. Brian said some days it sounded like I was dying. Nope, still alive and kicking after each one.

All I had one was more hurdle, one more challenge in front of me. I knew exactly what to expect. I knew during the previous week’s workouts I had felt stronger, some exercises even felt easier. I just had 15 minutes to give everything I had.

I got my head on straight, gathered my notepad, step, mat and dumbbells. I focused on my breathing during the warm up, giving my body as much oxygen as I could. I laid out my tools to save time between transitions. I gave myself one last pep talk, repeating my favorite quote, my mantra, “Failure is IMPOSSIBLE”.

Round 1 didn’t feel so bad. I was sweating and panting but I still had something left to give at the end.  Round 2 was harder, but I kept up my pace, matching my box jumps and rows and adding one more rep to my lateral shuffles. As I labored to catch my breath in during 30 second break prior to Round 3, I started to try to add up the numbers in my head.

Math in my head is never a good idea.

I panicked because I started to think I couldn’t pull out the reps needed in Round 3 to reach my goal. With 10 seconds left, I got down in push up position and tears started to come from my eyes. For a split second, the can’t came back. But just a split second. Once Anja said go, all I could do was GO and push for every rep I had. I just listened to Anja’s voice, letting her be my coach the way I hope my clients let me be theirs. I let her tell me I was a warrior, to not stop, that this was the FINALS!

I was panting and slightly nauseous when Anja called time. All I wanted to do was drink and breath. And add up my score. But cool down first, then I could do the final tally.

Drumroll please………

Final Inferno Score – 427. 103 points higher than my first score.  And one more CAN’T knocked off my list.

Needless to say, I’m starting the New Year already achieving some pretty important goals.

I learned to let someone else lead. Everyone needs a coach sometime. When you want to get to that next level, ask for help. It doesn’t make you weak – it makes you stronger.

The holidays don’t have to be a “slump” time for me.  I can achieve more any time I choose too and so can you. Arbitrary dates mean nothing when you really want something.

I am stronger – mentally and physically.  By the third week, things started to get easier. I didn’t have to rest as much and I proved I could do more. My quads, a part of my body that I struggle with, are more solid. Plyo push ups, however, are still ugly. My arms still fatigue quickly but now my brain says GO instead of STOP.

My next challenge? Where do I go from here? Now that I’ve pushed my limits, my possibilities are more open than ever. I’m giving myself the rest of the week to design a new program. Or look for a new coach to inspire my next adventure.  Maybe in a few months, I’ll even take on Anja and Inferno again. That 500 club looms large.

What are you ready to achieve in 2013?

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