The Dailyburn Inferno Progam - Challenge Brings Change
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I always say be careful what you wish for.

I said I wanted a challenge and I got it.

Day 7 of the Inferno program brings the Inferno Challenge. As, Anja says, what you’ve been working for the whole time.

The Inferno Challenge is 5 exercises, 1 minute per exercise and 3 rounds with only 30 seconds rest between rounds. The goal is to do as many repetitions as possible of each exercise to get your Inferno score, the total of all rounds and repetitions. The 500 club (a total of 500 repetitions) is the badge of honor. My score  the first time out – 323.

Honestly, I’m not surprised. I didn’t go all in until day 5. And endurance has never been my strong point. Neither has competition. But pride, well that’s another story. Truthfully, as I see others posting scores above the 400 mark on the first time out, I feel a little weak and embarrassed with that 323. I kept telling myself that there would always be someone better but that didn’t make me feel much better.

So I dug a little deeper for days 8-12. It wasn’t easy, but I knew it wouldn’t be.

In fact, day 8 felt very different than day 1. It was the second time for the MetCon 1 workout but it was a lot harder because I did each exercise as instructed. The plyo push ups were still sad but I really pushed on the burpees and pike push ups. I was dripping with sweat and exhausted. I gave it the effort I should have on Day 1. Better late than never.

With my attitude now firmly adjusted, my next obstacle was my blood sugar. Day 7, the Inferno Challenge, left me with a blood sugar of 35. This was after eating breakfast and turning off my pump. Not to make excuses but I am pretty sure this didn’t help my Inferno score.  Day 8 left me with a blood sugar of 43. Both days I bounced back above 200. Not helpful with my next A1C test looming in January. Treating Type 1 diabetes is about consistency and I was asking my body to go beyond the boundaries I had created for it.  I knew it would adjust in a few days but a little extra fuel and a basal rate adjustment couldn’t hurt either.

I was thankful for my recovery yoga on Day 10 and, due to Christmas, I skipped the Mobility workout scheduled for Christmas Eve (Day 13). I figured if I was going to skip a workout that would be the safest one to skip. The Inferno Challenge – Round 2 – was my “gift” to myself. I was ready, mentally and physically, for it this time. My score – 361. Not at 400 yet, but I improved in almost every category and I know where my areas of opportunity lie. I’ve got one more week and one more challenge to prove myself. I’ll finish the program on New Year’s Day, ringing in 2013 stronger than I’ve ever been. How will you greet the New Year?

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