Happy Healthy Holidays: Healthy Stocking Stuffers
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image by Randy Pertiet

Christmas is in one week!!! This is not a drill!! This is not a warning!!!

Are finished with your shopping? Never fear, you’ve got plenty of time to get some new fitness gear and motivating fit books for the person on your list.

Or are you done? Are you sure? Did you get the stocking stuffers?

Stockings are probably my favorite part of Christmas morning. As a kid I actually looked forward to the giant apple in the toe of my stocking. Usually it was a mammoth red delicious, juicier and crisper than any other apple of the year. Of course there was chocolate and peppermint, sugar free after my diabetes diagnosis at 10, and one or two little trinkets.

Even today, I want to do stockings first. Before breakfast, before presents, I want to see what little treats Santa left me. Fortunately as I’ve gotten more health conscious so has Santa. Do you, and Santa, need some tips for healthier stocking stuffers? Here are my favorites.

  • Luna Bars
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    – Sometimes I still need chocolate. A Carmel Nut Brownie bar is a great way to get it along with protein.
  • Spry Gum – I’ve sworn off aspartame since my thyroid issues. Finding sugar free gum or mints that are aspartame free is next to impossible. Spry is sweetened with Xylitol and comes in the best flavor ever – green tea!
  • Tea – Speaking of tea, I love it when I get a new tea to try on Christmas morning. Ever tried Tazo Thrive blend?
  • Nail Polish – I don’t have time or money for regular salon manicures. I am DIY girl when it comes to beauty so I love nail polish, buffers and files. And, if your nails are wet, you can’t snack!
  • iTunes gift cards  – Money for music and apps always makes me happy.
  • Primal Strips Jerky – Vegan jerky makes a great easy to carry protein. It’s perfect for your office snack drawer.

What’s the best healthy treat Santa has left in your stocking?

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