Catching 30 minutes of reading over lunch or 20 minutes of an audiobook during your drive home can be a very satisfying restorative niche. But what if it’s just not enough? What If you need just a little more to feel recharged and ready to tackle the next big project? Perhaps it’s time to consider taking a reading vacation.

Taking a reading vacation is the perfect way to retreat at home or even create needed space while on a family vacation. Having nothing to do but read for a few hours a day may be just the restorative niche you need. It doesn’t have to cost a lot nor does it require a whole weekend. (Although if you can take an entire weekend to do nothing but read I highly recommend it!) Here’s how to plan and take a reading vacation.

Decide when and where your reading vacation will take place. It’s important to be reasonable about your schedule and find time and space where you can be left alone. If you have just a few hours, I suggest going to the library. Your selection is plentiful and quiet is encouraged. If you can take a whole day make sure everyone is out of the house or agrees to not knock on your door. If you’re on vacation, send them off to scuba dive while you read on the beach all day. If your spouse is off to a convention or to visit their mother, this is the perfect time for you to check out for the weekend and tune into some good reads.

Make sure you tell family and friends what you’re doing. I suggest setting your out of office on email if you can and putting your phone on Do Not Disturb. If you’re taking your reading vacation for a whole weekend, I do suggest still making time for a workout. You can always listen to an audiobook while you walk, hike or hit the elliptical.

Gather all the reading material you can. If you don’t already have a substantial To Be Read pile, go to the library or place your online order well in advance of your reading vacation. I also recommend downloading an audiobook or two. It’s essential to have backup books on hand in case in you’ve selected a book that isn’t what you hoped it would be or just isn’t right for you right now. This is supposed to be fun so don’t keep reading a book you don’t like. I might also suggest no diet books and limited self-help. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up isn’t a great reading vacation choice.

Stock the kitchen with tea and prepared foods. While you can cook while listening to an audiobook do you really want too? If you’re spending the day or afternoon reading, put something in the slow cooker beforehand. You can also get healthy prepared meals like Kitchen & Love or Daily Harvest to sustain you on your reading vacation. Simple snacks like dry roasted edamame, hard boiled eggs, baby carrots with hummus and protein cookies make great reading snacks.

If you ’re not already subscribing to a monthly tea box, may I suggest getting the Plum Deluxe Tea Trio gift set? It’s the perfect way to try a selection of teas from their extensive collection. Self-Care Blend and Oregon Breakfast Blend are two of my favorites.

Now all you have to do is set the date! This might be the hardest part but be firm about your needs. Put it on every calendar and honor it like you paid in advance for an expensive resort far away. If you really want to retreat at home, you can find more tips here. If you need book recommendations be sure to sign up for my email list to receive the next installment of my Tea & A Book series.

And if taking a reading vacation still isn’t enough, might I suggest joining me for my next Refill Your Cup retreat.  I’ve got four new workshops focused on helping you learn to love your body again in the most restorative and relaxing environment you’ve ever experienced. You can find more details and sign up HERE.

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