You still love to look at magazines. Not on your iPad, not a magazine’s web site but real slick paper magazines. You tear out recipes and workouts to try. You find new people to follow on Instagram. There is always one more book to add to the To Be Read List. You try to ignore the ads and articles for skincare and supplements promising false hope. Can any supplement really stand up to all that hype? Are there really any superfood powder benefits?

In each issue of almost women’s magazine you’ll see a new study with breakthrough research about a new miracle ingredient or superfood supplement. The truth is one single study does not justify adding acai powder or goji berries to everything. (If you want to learn more about evaluating research for yourself read this.) However, there are some superfood powders that DO have good research behind them that you can easily add to your regular routine. Here are three superfood powders with real benefits.

A good quality greens powder can help you reach your five a day of vegetables and fruits while you’re working on transitioning to a healthier diet. Greens powders are vegetable and fruit extracts in a powder that can be added to milk, juice, water or your favorite smoothie. My favorite is the chocolate variety of the Amazing Grass Green Superfood powder added to my morning oatmeal.  One scoop is like getting three servings of greens, fruits and vegetables. This can be especially helpful when I am traveling.

Amazing Grass also has an energy blend with a surprise superfood powder benefit – a perfect pre-workout drink. In addition to all the great fruit and vegetable nutrition you’ll get 85 mg of caffeine from a combination of yerba mate and matcha. The watermelon flavor is quite a treat. Just to be clear, don’t think of this as a replacement to eating your veggies and fruits. You need the fiber and the nutrient dense calories an apple, kale slaw or roasted squash can provide.

Another superfood powder with a giant list of benefits is kelp. Kelp is a type of seaweed that is a staple of the Japanese diet. It is loaded with iron, vitamin C and vitamin K in a low calorie vegetarian package. Kelp powder is super easy to add to your soup or sprinkle over your favorite salad. It is often used as a natural salt substitute so try it on your scrambled eggs in the morning.

However, beware of products that promise the superfood food benefit of fixing your thyroid. Kelp is a natural source of iodine but you should never try to self-medicate with supplements, even one as simple as kelp powder. There is a very small chance too much iodine could trigger hyperthyroidism in those with certain preconditions or impact your existing thyroid treatment for hypothyroidism. If you have any concerns talk to your doctor before adding kelp powder to your smoothies.

My absolute favorite superfood powder is turmeric! Full of polyphenols, turmeric has been studied extensively for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric has been found to help in the management of many chronic conditions including arthritis and high cholesterol. While the research is still early, scientists are also looking at its core compound curcumin as a tool to fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

Adding some turmeric to your daily diet is quite easy! Who doesn’t enjoy eating spicy yellow curry on a regular basis? I add turmeric to my eggs every day and often enjoy turmeric tea. Golden milk is a delightful way to take advantage of the potential health benefits of turmeric.

Simple turmeric powder supplements that you can easily add to your favorite milk and enjoy with breakfast are also available. You can get Gaia Turmeric Boost in chai flavor at Mama Jean’s Natural Market. Shake it up in your Blender Bottle with a cup of almond milk and your favorite sweetener for a caffeine free pick me up on a busy morning.

Learn how to make the perfect Supershake with greens or turmeric!

As you thumb through the latest issue of your favorite monthly magazine now you can be on the lookout for recipes with turmeric and skip the articles that talk about the latest miracle in food science. While there are some real superfood benefits beware of things that sound too good to be true. Trust your instincts, the wisdom of your body and good science

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