Isn’t it amazing how much better you feel when you start the day with a workout? On the days you can roll out of bed, drink a quick shot of matcha and work up a sweat you feel like a rockstar! It’s so much easier to hop on the treadmill at home instead of trying to make the 6 pm HIIT class at the gym. Your big challenge is putting together a strength training workout at home. It is so much easier to exercise in the morning when you do it at home but you aren’t sure what the best bodyweight home exercises are.

It doesn’t matter if your main reason for not doing strength training at home is time or equipment, you can get a great workout with bodyweight exercises at home. 

Bodyweight exercises can actually be some of the most effective exercises you do. After all, if you can’t move your own body with good form how do expect to lift heavy dumbbells? Since you already “own” the equipment they can be done anywhere and anytime.

The Best Bodyweight Home Exercises

Here are five of the best bodyweight home exercises I know.  If you do all of these exercises you will hit all your major muscle groups, You can do these exercises circuit style and get your heart rate up at the same time or pair each one with a dumbbell exercise for a challenging super set workout.

Single Leg Squats: This exercise will target not only quads and hamstrings, but also your stabilizing adductor muscles.  It’s just like the regular body weight squat but you may not go as low. Beginners can use a chair to help with good form and balance. Super set partner: goblet squats.

Pushups: Pushup work everything in the upper body: core, back, chest and arms.  Start with wall push up, incline push up or on knees if necessary. With time you can work your way to a standard toe pushup. Super set partner: dumbbell pullover.

Walking Lunges: People with knee issues often steer clear of lunges. However when done correctly they can be beneficial for strengthening the muscles that support the knee joint.  The secret is to not push forward but instead lower your body to create a 90 degree angle in both legs. Make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toe and keep your toes pointed forward. Super set partner: weighted dumbbell bridge.

Bench Dips: You do need one piece of “equipment” other than your body for this exercise. But it can be one of many household items: a sturdy chair or bench, a bay window seat or even your staircase.  The key is to a good dip is to lower the body down,not forward, and push straight back up. This engages the push muscles of the triceps and shoulders. Super set pair: overhead tricep extension.

Squat Thrusts, aka Burpees: Legs, arms and core all get attacked in this exercise. No one really likes them but, trust me, we all do them.  If you’re a beginner use the bench for a modified version or do a step back instead of a jump back to plank. Super set pair: plank.

Not sure how to do any of these exercises. Be sure to check out the Thrive Personal Fitness Facebook page. I’ll be doing videos this week and next to demonstrate these exercises and answer your questions.

I want you to have all the tools you need to let go of all or nothing thinking when it comes to exercise. Now that you know the best bodyweight home exercises you can get a morning workout it any time you wish!

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