You have a calendar synced across your phone and laptop, signaling your next meeting or massage an hour before it starts. You’ve created a 100 Dreams List but those things aren’t popping up on that calendar.  You’ve drafted a Fit Life Mission statement in an attempt bridge the two. However, you still haven’t found a way to pull it all together. You lack one single simple way to connect all the things that matter in your day. Let me show you the secret to my success. Welcome to the FranklinPlanner 21 Day Planner Challenge.

While it does take more than 21 days to form a habit, 21 days is a perfect chance to learn how to use the FranklinPlanner system and see what a difference it can make in the quest to live a happier, healthier and meaningful life – one habit at a time.

The desire for change and growth seems to be hardwired in each of us. It’s part of the human condition. We can’t remain stagnant without feeling stuck. Instead, we look ahead and determine where we want to be and what it will take to get there.

Yet, some changes can be tough. It’s true that old habits are hard to break. So how do we overcome unwanted behaviors that are holding us back? Sometimes the best solution is to fight a habit with a habit. (

I got my first FranklinPlanner about 14 years ago as part of a management training program. I was understandably skeptical when someone told me we were going to spend a full day learning how to use a calendar. I was also feeling, as they said above, stagnant and stuck. I had new responsibilities and I was taking on a new identity with no idea how to prioritize all the things that I needed and wanted to do. I was on the verge of buying a fancy PDA (remember those?) when I went to my week long management training.

It was the What Matters Most workshop that helped me understand that a FranklinPlanner is not just a calendar. It is a system to understanding what matters most and connecting all the threads of a full life. I was hooked on the system of weekly and daily prioritization and the satisfaction of checking off my daily tasks.

Why use a paper planner?

I thought about switching to PlanPlus online a few years ago. While I do love to try new things and to check out the latest technology, planning for me is most effective on paper. It’s also better for my brain. Several studies have shown that when we write out notes or read something on paper we are challenging our brains in ways digital media doesn’t. Writing down our plans and goals on paper requires “heavier mental lifting” and helps us cement those plans and goals to memory. They become more real and relevant in the process.

As a long time FranklinPlanner devotee, it was only logical to become a brand affiliate. With all the questions I get about my own motivation and organization style, the timing could not be better for my next challenge. I want you to join me in learning how to turn Dreams Into Action using the FranklinPlanner system.

Here’s what you’ll learn by joining my free challenge resource group and the 21 Day Planner Challenge in March:

  • The basics of how to use your FranklinPlanner – this month, this week and today.
  • How I use my Franklin Planner – including my Sunday ritual – to achieve my goals.
  • What are Big Rocks and how to Sharpen Your Saw.
  • The power of prioritization and the daily to-do list.

Plus, I’ll show you special planner tools to help you with fitness, meal planning and keeping your household organized.

How to get started with the 21 Day Planner Challenge

Your first step is to order your Classic 21-Day Planner

from FranklinPlanner for just $5. Then you’ll need to enroll in my Dreams Into Action challenge (for free) below.

Challenge Signup Form

You’ll receive an email welcoming you to the group and instructions on how to join my private Facebook group. If you participated in my 12 Days of Fitmas or Mission Accomplished challenge it is the same group. You do NOT need to sign up again.

It will take a few days to receive your 21 Day Planner in the mail. But I’ll give you some instant gratification with my “3 Things I Do Every Sunday” download when you join my Dreams Into Action challenge group. You can also join the discussion in the Facebook group about your biggest planning challenges, which habit you want to work for 21 days and learn about the March “Franklin Five”.

If you’re struggling like I was to create order out of the chaos with a cohesive plan to achieve your goals, the FranklinPlaner 21 Day Planner Challenge is perfect for you. Let me help guide you through the secret to my success by joining my Dreams Into Action challenge group. It’s a powerful plan to help you build a happier and healthier life that you don’t want to miss!

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