Who else loves to play bingo?

I’m not embarrassed to say I have fond memories of going to the bingo hall with my grandma before she passed. (She was hardcore with her own bingo bag and blue dots for every corner of her spread of cards.) I also loved French class on the days we played bingo to practice our numbers. “Allez, allez, allez” Madame Kline would chant as we began a new game.

Lately I’ve been enjoying self-care bingo. I have two different cards I alternate between, one generic one sent to me by a friend and the other I found online specifically for fall. It’s not nearly as complicated to play as some of the bingo hall games but I do give myself a prize for a bingo. (My next goal is a new treat from LewdLinens. Maybe a scoodie?)

Some of the bingo items are kind of easy. I was amazed at how much joy it brought me to buy two big sunflowers at the farmers market for a dollar each. I meditate regularly so doing an extra “quickie” wasn’t a big deal either.

However, giving myself permission to color for two hours seems huge. It hasn’t happened…yet. I love board games but with crazy schedules I could never check that one off the list for lack of someone to play with.

Do you know what the easiest item was to check off?

Try a new flavor of tea.

Tea is the perfect addition to any self-care routine. Black teas are especially tasty and comforting right now as the days get dark and shorter. Black teas generally have a more earthy taste, giving you a sense of grounding. In traditional Chinese medicine, black tea is associated with the Fire element and the heart, bringing you warmth.  They also pair especially well with seasonal flavors like apple and cinnamon.

A steamy cup of black tea is warm and cozy making it the perfection companion for a “can’t put it down” mystery novel or plowing through your latest Netflix obsession. It’s a gentler way to start the day when you must get going before the sun is even up. It’s a flavorful and soothing mid-morning treat that is kinder to your body than the cookies in the break room.

Black Teas For Fall

Fall is also a great season to work on self-care. With the go-go-go of summer long past and the holiday hustle still a few weeks off, you can make time to set your intention and recharge yourself. If you want to play along here’s a link to the Fall Self-Care bingo card I’m playing with. I’ll make it easy for you to check off your first box with my favorite black teas for fall.

Autumn Almond Chai from Plum Deluxe: Serve it up straight or with a little almond milk and stevia for the perfect morning pick me up. I love working on my bullet journal on a cloudy Sunday morning with a cup of chai. Chai is very similar to pumpkin spice but if you have to have it, Plum Deluxe makes an equally delicious Pumpkin Spice tea. Plus that will let you check off the pumpkin spice space on your card!  (Full disclosure: I am a Plum Deluxe tea ambassador. When you buy via my links, I get perks that help fuel my tea habit.)

Monsoon Black from Amoda: If you’re a tea purist here’s a great alternative to English breakfast. This Kenyan tea is lighter in color but still has a bold yet smooth flavor. With its underlying notes of cinnamon, it reminds me of a good Assam. Sprinkle a little more cinnamon on top and add a little cream or coconut milk to enjoy with some warm toast or a protein scone.

Grey Line Black Tea from Hugo Tea: Speaking of traditional, you can’t get more traditional than a good Earl Grey. This is one of my favorites of the variety. Hugo Tea starts with a base of their 100 Year Black tea and massages in bergamot oil. You can’t go wrong on a rainy fall day with this tea and a good book.

Rum Raisin Biscotti from Tea Forte: We might be leaning towards the winter holidays with this selection, but I can’t help myself. (Not that I’m in any hurry for Christmas!) This selection has a fruity but “heavy” taste. Something about it feels like comfort in a cup, like the smell of something baking. It makes a good alternative to hot cider or mulled wine if you are feeling festive.

With two spaces in the bag (choose your own adventure with the FREE space!) you’re almost halfway there. Get started today and let me know how you’ll treat yourself for your first bingo!

Here’s some help with another space on the fall bingo card. Download your FREE Kitchen Rescue Pak to get help checking off the Saturday Meal Prep box!








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