You know exactly what is important to you.

You have built a career you love with space for family and friends. There is time in your schedule to move every day, even if it’s just mowing the lawn and weeding the garden. You make time to sit down and enjoy meals that nourish your body. You’ve got your priorities set. However, there is just one problem.

You hate shopping for those nourishing foods and healthy life essentials. You love vegetables but you can’t make yourself get up and go to the farmer’s market on Saturday. You run out eggs and English breakfast tea all the time. Instead you’ll rely on Starbucks for breakfast for a solid week before you make yourself go grocery shopping. You may have found yourself racing through a drugstore late at night once or twice for basic personal care items.

Sometimes it is a matter of time, espec during your busy season. Being short on time makes you even more protective of your book club date or going to your niece’s soccer game. When you’re late leaving the office the last thing you want to do is shop for vitamins and lunches for the week.

Thankfully you live in a time when subscription services are all the rage. And they aren’t just for make-up and clothes. There are plenty of ways to automate healthy living staples with subscription services. Instead of running out and doing without, here are the subscription services you need for automating your healthy life.

How to eat well without going to the grocery story.

At the top of my list are meal kit delivery services like HelloFresh and GreenChef. If meal planning mystifies you, these services will give you three meals a week that you don’t have to think about. All you have to do is make sure you have staples like, olive oil and black pepper, in the pantry. You can supplement your deliveries by signing up for a local CSA. You can find CSAs that include things like eggs and fresh baked bread with your veggies, making sure you have breakfast covered.

If time in the kitchen isn’t fun for you either you can turn to pre-made meal services like 22 Day Nutrition. This plant-based service sends you balanced ready to eat meals that you can mix and match at your pleasure. (Tofu scrambles aren’t just for breakfast!) If you happen to have an EatFitGo in your area (like we do in Springfield) you can sign up for the weekly plan of their prepared meals. Their freshly made meals last 4-5 days and take just minutes to heat up. You do have to pick them up, but you’ll have ready made meals for the week.

You’re still going to need some staples as well as snacks. Amazon Subscribe & Save to the rescue! Different than Prime Pantry, the subscribe and save option lets you put staples on automatic shipment with a small discount for doing so. Put things like your favorite protein powder, your go-to protein bar and Go Picnic meals on autopilot so you’ll always be stocked up.

Keep your cup full with a tea subscription service.

The best way to make sure your tea cabinet stays stocked is with a monthly tea subscription box. My personal favorites are Plum Deluxe and Amoda Tea. With the Plum Deluxe Tea of the Month Club you get unique Plum Deluxe blends delivered to your door each month. (Bonus: you get membership in their exclusive tea community and special discounts as a member.) Amoda Tea will send you a curated selection of teas around the world monthly or let you set up a monthly delivery of their delicious organic ceremonial matcha. (Note: I am a Plum Deluxe Tea Ambassador and I do get perks for referrals.)

Stay healthy and look good doing it with these subscription services

If you or someone you know has diabetes, you understand both the importance of testing supplies and how expensive they can be. Out of all the things on this list, OneDrop has been the most life changing for me. Get one of their blood sugar monitors (which bluetooth connects to your phone and downloads your data to their app) and then sign up for monthly deliveries of test strips. With an unlimited plan you can get as many test strips as you need without begging permission from the insurance company.

Never wear dirty contacts (or panic when you’re out of contact solution) again with Hubble. With a valid prescription you can get a monthly supply of daily wear contacts for just $30. This service became a must have for me when the pollen was out of control this spring. My usual contacts made me feel like I wanted to scratch out my eyes by noon. A fresh pair of lenses every day made all the difference!  Now I can’t imagine going back to lenses that I wear for a few weeks at a time.

Warmer weather means bare legs. Being in the gym all the time often means bare legs. If you want your bare legs to be smooth, that usually means having a razor on hand at all times. Instead of making a special trip, join the guys and get your razors via Dollar Shave Club. It’s easy and less expensive than the ones in the store (especially if you don’t buy the pink women’s version.) You can add on shaving cream to your shipment too.

You know what else is great about automation? It helps reserve willpower! Don’t worry about what’s for dinner and save your willpower muscle for fighting off the cookies in the break room.

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