The Ultimate Retro Running Playlist
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You love finding new music.

Your excitement over the Austin 100 from NPR each year is completely lost on your top 40 listening co-workers. You always check out the New Music section on iTunes and the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify while prepping meals or working on your schedule for the week. Your new picks never fail to impress your niece and her friends when you meet up for a girl’s night out.

Good thing they don’t see what kind of music you listen to when you work out. It might tarnish your hip image.

When you’re sweating it out you don’t have time to skip over songs with dragging beats. You’re not interested in deep lyrics. All you want is something you know will keep you pumped up and slightly distracted during that last mile. You want music from your own youth, your own glory days.

Yeah…me too.

I’ve recently discovered running freedom thanks to my wireless Jaybird X3 headphones and my Apple Watch. I leave my phone (along with Spotify) at home and instead get outside with my mostly retro running playlist. You’ll find some Elle King and Adele on it but most of the music is pre-Y2K. I’ve got anything from hairbands to club hits from my college days. It always puts a smile on my face and makes me try to sing along despite my breathlessness. Here’s a selection for your own retro running pleasure.

Have fun waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care…but you might want to save voguing for the gym.

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