2016 was a rough year. It wasn’t all bad but it seemed to be a little low on goodness. It seemed like things just kept coming, never really feeling like you could catch a break.

A new role at work meant more hours and a lot of new faces. They are nice enough but they don’t understand your need for quiet and your hard stop time on gym days.

You took over a leadership role for a cause you’re passionate about, but you had no idea it would be like a second job. You’re really glad to be downshifting again and letting someone else step in.

2016 was a roller coaster and you’re ready to get off. You’re ready to reclaim your ground and make 2017 the year of YOU.

Your first instinct is to make a cup of tea and start a huge list of goals for 2017. Okay…go with your gut. Maybe this is even the time to start your 100 Dreams List. But before you start picking which goals to tackle first I want you to sit back and look at the big picture.

I want you pick a personal word for the year in 2017.

ONE word sets a tone. It gives you a compass so that when you’re presented with a project, opportunity or difficult question you can go back to your WORD. If it makes sense and aligns with what you value in your life for the year than you can go for it. If not, it’s best to give a mindful NO.

ONE word gives you a mantra. Last year my word was STRONG. Every time I thought I couldn’t do something or it felt like my world was running off the rails I could take a moment to breath and see the visual of STRONG that I had created for my journal in my mind. I could repeat it over and over until I found my inner strength.

ONE word brings things into focus. When you take a deep breath and think about the future, what is the first thought that comes to mind. When we stop to be in our body and listen to our true self, we will know where to go. The heart will tell us what it wants. Take that thought and distill it into ONE specific word.

I want to challenge you to find that ONE word to be your guide for 2017. ONE word to set the tone, bring things into focus and give you a mantra. Then go to work on making your dreams come true.

In case you’re curious, my word for 2017 is TRANSITION. I’ve been doing what I do for seven years. I don’t want to keep doing it the same way. In some ways I want to do more and in some ways I want less. I always want to do it well so I can be the best for my clients.  I am learning how to be better so I can take things to a new level.

TRANSITION is a word that also embodies my personal journey. My 41-year-old body continues to change (in mostly good ways). My outlook on life and happiness continues to morph and tumble (also in mostly good ways). I am learning to be care less about what the world thinks of me while learning how to care more for my world and community. I want 2017 to be the bridge to a new way of being, a rebuilding year after a 2016 of ups and downs.

How was your 2016. Did your word help? I’d love to hear your word for 2017.

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