The basics are the basics…even at Christmas.

They may even be MORE important now than the rest of the year.

Tensions are high post election, making some holiday gatherings more stressful than usual. Parties add to what I call The Introvert’s Dilemma: the desire to connect with close friends, to be connected, that competes with the desire at the end of the day to go home, put on your pajamas and color in quiet. The breakroom is overflowing with gifts of fudge and popcorn as your stress level inches up to meet year end deadlines.

How do we survive it all unscathed and still fitting into our pants when 2017 arrives?

I get a lot of questions and requests for my best advice to survive the holidays. I’ve written a lot of posts over the years that talk about party strategies and quick workouts. I think they have good tips but I think I’ve missed the mark before on the real answer. (Although I’ll share links to some of those tips at the end of this post, I promise.) I think the real secret to THRIVING during the holidays has less to do with a healthier pumpkin pie recipe and more to do with how we view our fitness journey and our life.

So here is my best holiday fitness advice – ever.

Breath – be mindful and present.

Move – every day, because it’s what you do and not as punishment.

Smile – find the joy, love and compassion of the season.

If you can do these three things not only will you enjoy the holiday season more you’ll also feel better than you’ve ever felt on January 1. Not because you didn’t overeat (because we all will) or you crushed it in the gym every day (umm, I’m skipping Christmas Day for sure). No, it will be your attitude that has changed. And where the mind goes, the body will follow.

If you can do these three things you will be living solidly in the Middle Ground, the best place to be to find true health and happiness.

I did promise you a few tips that I think you will find useful in a practical sense. Here are some links to past posts that you may find helpful.

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Till then, tell me how you’re going to keep it simple in December? How will you remember to Breath, Move and Smile?

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